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H&M Home Haul

I've been shopping like crazy...

And I feel like I'm getting old, because nothing feels as good as shopping for things for my home at the moment! :) I placed an order on H&M Home and today I wanted to share a few cute things I picked up from them. I'm so excited they started delivering their home things to Slovenia!

Let's start of with this grey blanket, which comes in a few other colors (here's hoping I can eventually convince my boyfriend to get the pink one as well). It costs 30€ and it's incredibly soft, perfect for snuggling up! I'm kind of getting tired of those super soft polyester blankets because they get ruined fast and don't look very expensive, so this is a great alternative.

I also got a whole bunch of candles: Honey Blossom - a sweeter scent, Green Tea - sharp and citrusy, and Cotton Flower - gentle and soft. I'm so glad I was able to get a few candles from H&M, I love them and they're a good bargain at only 8€.

My favorite buy is probably this beautiful round vase, which is glass and has a gold rim on top. I think it would look stunning with peonies, which I really need to buy if they're even still in season! The vase costs 20€, and there is also a smaller version available.

I got a cute napkin holder which goes nicely with the coasters I showed you in my Zara haul. It cost 8€ which is a bit stupid since it's just a bit of metal... And it also comes in rose gold.

Finally, because I am a child, I got a plate and mug with a cat motif. Of course I had to buy them, do you even know me? :P I think they're adorable, and I'm pretty sure they're meant for children, but I'll probably use them for photos and decor. They are both 6€ and there is also a bowl available.

I'll definitely order from H&M home again. I keep wishing these companies did furniture as well because I'm sure it would be adorable. But until they get on that bandwagon, I'm happy with their cute decor stuff!
What's the last thing you bought for your apartment?

Mini Summer Airport Haul

What's a girl to do when she gets to the airport 3 hours too early?

Well, shop - of course! I only ended up getting a few bits but I still wanted to show you my haul from the Nice airport. They have a tiny Duty Free and I wasn't that into the stuff there, but I still managed to pick up 4 new products.


Starting with perfume, I got a long-coveted scent - Elie Saab Le Parfum L'Eau Couture EDT. This scent is absolutely divine and so, so special. It doesn't have a lot of notes, mainly vanilla, orange blossom and green almond. I smell all of those and they make for the loveliest soft scent. It's inoffensive and perfect for hot summer days when you don't want to wear something as cloying as Bronze Goddess, for example. I love it! Available here  from 62€.


Next up, I found a well-stocked TBS section and I just had to pick up a few things. I was very curious about the English Rose range, but they didn't have testers and I decided to be a sensible human being and not blind buy. I did however, find some bits from the Honeymania range, and ended up getting the Body Butter and Shower Gel from the line. So excited about these - honey is my favorite note of all time. Body butters are around 15€, and the shower gel was 6,40€.

I also grabbed a Strawberry Body Polish from The Body Shop, which is a product I've had before and really loved. I don't remember the scent being quite so sickly sweet, but I'll still use it up. I know my boyfriend will love it, even if I don't. The body polish cost around 8€.

That's it, my teeny tiny France haul! I wanted to wander into Sephora, but the only time I was there, I was completely exhausted and couldn't handle it (shock! horror!) Next time for sure, though... I have a few more trips in my future. ;)
What was your last summer beauty buy?

ZARA Home Haul

I'm back from France!

You know what the best part of coming home is? Yep, finding a bunch of new packages waiting for you. :) ZARA Home recently started delivering to Slovenia, and since I love their home stuff, I needed to order a few things for our apartment. Here's what I got.


Let's start the haul with these gorgeous gold coasters. Our living room is kind of oak-gold-white themed, with some grey as well, so these look lovely, mixed with our current bamboo coasters as well. These were in the sale and are out of stock now, but you can check out more coasters here.

I also got 4 of the cutest geometrical white mugs, because we need to clean out our mug collection - we have a bunch of them that don't match at all, which bugs me to no end. These are 7€ a pop here.

A set of tea towels also found its way into my basket. I find we're always ruining them and they need to be replaced quite fast. Again, these are out of stock, but you can check out more tea towels here.


I got this really nice set of a glass and soap dispenser in white with a black border. I think they look really chic and they look great in our bathroom. I also got a white soap dispenser for our toilet. The prices for these range around 8€, and I think they look so classy in the bathroom.

I couldn't get past this tissue box with mother of pearl design. It was a bit of a disappointment as it's basically just a mask that you put over a paper box of tissues, but it still looks very pretty. I think it will look nice in my bedroom as well. It was crazy expensive (for what it is) though, so I'd think before ordering. I can't find it on the website but it was around 35€.

Missing in action is a grey bathmat I just couldn't make look good in the picture, oops! Overall I was pleased with my order - everything's a bit overpriced but the items are lovely.

I also placed a cheeky order on H&M home, which will probably be my next post. I have a tiny The Body Shop haul from the airport as well, so that will be coming in the next few days for all my beauty lovers. Hope you're keeping cool guys - this heat is killing me!
What is the last thing your bought for your home?

Pastel Nail Polish For Summer 2016

Time for some bright pastels!

I adore wearing brighter nail polish in spring and summer, so I prepared a round up of my favorite shades for the coming summer months. I'd love to know what you'll be reaching for in these sweltering hot days, as well :) Let's see which ones I've been loving...

The perfect nude

China Glaze Don't Honk Your Thorn has been on my nails a lot. It's one of those nude taupe shades that looks absolutely stunning on tanned skin (not that I'm tan... In fact, my mother kindly pointed out my legs were 'scary pale' just yesterday). This shade is really beautiful though, and it makes nails look longer somehow. Easy to apply as it's quite watery for a pastel, opaque in 2-3 coats. Price is around 6€.

Bright as can be

This stunning coral shade is by China Glaze, called Petal to the Metal. A stunning bright pastel - how do they manage that? Those two terms basically don't go together, but it's exactly what this is. A peach coral shade that looks stunning in the summer. I just adore ChG's formula, so easy to apply. Also around 6€.

A wash of blue

Catrice 114 The Sky So Fly is a calm blue shade that isn't particularly vibrant, but makes an impact with any outfit. I love the relaxed cool blue which looks chic and modern. And it's a bargain at around 3€ in drugstores! Opaque in 2 coats and easy to apply. I love these watery pastels, so much better to work with and not streaky at all.

Blueberry ice-cream

This Rimmel nail polish was a totally random find which cam in a beauty subscription box. The shade is Lovely Lilac, and I love that it's more a muted grey/purple color than some brighter violets. Really pretty and easy to apply. You might notice throughout this post that I am really damn lazy with my nail polish - it better apply well or I'm over it! I think this is around 4€.

The perfect cotton candy pink

China Glaze In a Lily Bit. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Easy to apply, pretty and chips like a mofo, but I can overlook that fact as it's just such a pretty color, and it's actually not a pain to apply (unlike the next shade). A bargain at around 6€ and one of my top 3 nail polishes of all time!

Pale pink & pretty

Essie Romper Room is the one I have, but it was limited edition, so you could also get Fiji (but that one is pinker). I adore pastel pink nails, and this one is very very light, with only a hint of pink to it. If you want something more pink, go for the ChG color above. Essies are around 10€ unless you catch them on a 2 for 1 offer, and they're some of my favorite polishes.

Peach Pink

Ciaté in Hoopla is the perfect coral/peach/pink color. Light, pastel and so very pretty. It takes a few more coats to make this one opaque, but I just love this brand's packaging (and will admit I mostly buy them for that cute bow). It's around 9€ in drugstores. Check out their gold glitter as well!


This blue by China Glaze is one of the best polishes in my collection. A muted shade as opposed to those bright, neon & vibrant blues we usually wear, it's so chic and pretty at the same time. The shade is What a Pansy and the price is around 6€.

What is your favorite nail polish of the summer?

Summer 2016 Yankee Candle Haul

Hello, readers!

I thought I'd start my comeback with a post about my recent Yankee Candle purchases. I have to say, in the past few years I've grown a little addicted to these candles. I just have to have one burning at all times, and I usually stock up every month or so and buy 4 scents. They last about a week if I burn them daily, every evening, and I couldn't be more thrilled about them. They're definitely my favorite candle brand, though I'd love to try some Diptyque soon as well. Let's see which summery scents I got in June.

Yankee Candle Fluffy Towels

My boyfriend loves clean cotton scents, and he adores this one especially. I got it for him - since we both work from home now, it's quite relaxing to get into working mode by burning a lovely scent. This is very calming, somewhat sweet and soothing. It also has some fruity (apple, citrus) notes along with lavender. One that guys might like. I bought it here for 25€, but it's also available on the official YC website.

Yankee Candle Sicilian Lemon

I've had the Lemon Lavender candle before, and the sales associate told me it's one of their bestsellers. However, it's just not a scent I like. The combination of sharp lemon and calming lavender doesn't work for me at all, and I think the two notes clash. I thought a good substitute would be Sicilian Lemon, which is truly a perfect summer scent. Sweet, sharp and citrusy, it helps me relax and get to work! Available here for 25€. Couldn't find it on the official website - could be a limited edition scent?

Yankee Candle Peony

I saw my friend Kim get this, and I absolutely had to have it. I'm a huge fan of peonies and this scent transports me right to my grandma's garden. Her peonies bloom in the beginning of June, and she always gives me a bouquet, every single year. I adore this soft floral scent. It's quite powdery, very gentle and inoffensive. Something everyone would like. Available here for Slovenia, and here for the US. Limited edition, 25€.

Yankee Candle Summer Scoop

Now, I generally have a rule that I don't buy the same scent twice, but I've broken it a few times... One of the scents is Vanilla Lime, and the other is Summer Scoop. This is probably my favorite YC scent. It's berry ice cream topped with whipped cream and I adore it. It instantly puts me in a good mood. It's thankfully a permanent scent, and if you're gonna get one of these scents, get this one, because you won't regret it. Available here, and here for the US. 25€.

I've been burning a few of these scents already and I adore them. I hope this post inspired you to do some shopping of your own... Ooops, didn't mean to be bad to your wallet!
What's your favorite YC scent?