Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial EDP

Let's talk perfumes today. I received a coupon for and decided to get two fragrances, both of which I will be reviewing soon. Today's post is dedicated to Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial Eau de parfum. This perfume was described to me as sexy beyond belief and something my man would not be able to resist. Did it live up to the claims?

Unfortunately, not for me or Tilen. This perfume is quite powdery, which I don't mind at all, but what bothers me is the patchouli. I am very, very sensitive to this particular note and whenever it is too strong, I find I just cannot enjoy the scent. This was a blind buy and I was really hoping patchouli would not be too strong, but it is and I cannot wear it at all. That being said, I can still appreciate a good fragrance regardless of my personal tastes and I can honestly tell you this is a beautifully crafted, luxurious fragrance. Patchouli blends with notes of vanilla and iris, sweet caramel and nutty tonka bean to make an interesting mix of sweetness and powder along with some aromatic woody notes. Interesting.

While this perfume is not for me, I'm sure many women would enjoy it. I also think it could be extremely sexy when worn by a confident woman ... Give it a try. Available on from 37,90€.
Do you like patchouli?

Catrice Velvet Finish Full Coverage Foundation Routine

My skin is oily. And when I say oily, I mean it's so oily my fringe gets greasy from being in contact with it within an hour. So I've been looking for a really good foundation that would keep my face matte all day, which is also why I stocked up on them during the recent Essence/Catrice event in Ljubljana. I randomly decided to try out a full face of makeup with the Velvet Finish products, since I have all of them, and I just fell in love with the result!

Let's start with the foundation, shall we? Catrice Velvet Finish Foundation with Hyaluron is a strange one. It has SPF 30 and claims to be longlasting. First of all, this is probably the best finish I've ever had with a foundation, I just love it! It really makes my skin look soft but very matte at the same time, which I love, and it stays that way literally all day which is just amazing. Unfortunately, it's a bit uncomfortable to wear. You can definitely feel it on the face and it's a little drying ... But honestly, I can get past that because it's the only foundation that actually mattifies my skin. On another note, this oxidises a lot, I should've taken a photo a few minutes after swatching because the foundation turned orange! However, I don't notice that on the face - maybe at first, but it goes away pretty fast. For a price of around 6€, I think it's a great foundation.

Next we have the Catrice Velvet Finish Concealer with Hyaluron, which is lovely. Again, a little drying, and best for blemishes and imperfections (I don't like it too much for my undereye circles as it does dry out the skin, but works well despite that). I really like the creaminess and the finish, which is the same as the foundation. The applicator is a doe foot, which is good as well. Price is around 3-4€ I think.

And finally, we have the Catrice Velvet Finish Powder with Hyaluron. I'm sure this is a great product, but honestly, you don't even need it. The foundation and concealer look great by themselves, but this is very similar - lovely finish! It's very finely milled and feels light. I might try using it by itself. I'm guessing the price is around 3€.

These products together will give you a matte base that will not budge the entire day - perfect for those long days at work. I've been wearing them every day and I love all three!
What is your favourite foundation?

Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner

I've been a part of the E-tail PR blogger network for a while now, but I never took advantage of it as they mainly send out clothes to bloggers, and as we all know, I'm not much of a fashion blogger as it is. But when I noticed they had a campaign for Hairtrade, I applied immediately and requested a shampoo, since I've recently been loving the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment. I was incredibly happy to receive not only the shampoo, but the conditioner as well, both available on their website. Let's discuss the products.

The Redken All Soft range is meant for dry, brittle hair, which mine definitely is, however my fringe tends to get very greasy because I have oily skin and the two are constantly in contact. The shampoo promises to moisturize and has both argan oil and keratin in it. What do I think?

I find it very, very hard to find a good shampoo. Conditioner is not as big of a problem, but shampoos I really struggle with ... The Redken shampoo works well, though it is not my favourite of all time. It makes my hair feel very soft and definitely not squeaky clean, but instead very nourished. I only worry that, with too much use, it might prove to be too heavy for me. The conditioner, on the other hand, is really lovely! The name All Soft has not been given to this shampoo without reason and it truly makes my hair incredibly soft, not silky, but touchable and beautiful. See for yourself!

I think these two work nicely for me, though they are quite expensive products (though currently on sale for around 10 pounds each, shampoo here, conditioner here). My hair looks very shiny as well when I'm done, and today I actually sat in front of the mirror admiring it, because these two products made it so shiny and look like it has golden threads woven through it! I love this effect.

I would recommend both of these, not to girls with oily hair though. I think someone with curly or wavy hair would enjoy them a lot as well, because they make hair really manageable and soft. That being said, my overgrown ombré locks are in need of a change and I have a hair appointment in a few days, so I'd love any tips on haircuts and coloring!
What kind of haircut should I get next?