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Long time no see!

I'll admit, I've been feeling really out of the loop lately. Being so busy with my job and trying to write a blog at the same time is not easy... But hopefully I can ease myself back into the blogging process. So today I have a review of the Artistry Signature Color lipstick, as well as a giveaway for my Slovenian readers at the end.
I've tried a few Artistry products before, and have been impressed time and time again by their beautiful quality. You can really tell they do high-end, their products look & feel expensive and are really high quality. I received two of their lipstick for review, and was once again impressed by Artistry.
These lipsticks are sheer, and great for everyday use. They're lightweight and not oily/heavy at all, feel pleasant on the lips and are not drying at all. They're quite glossy and have a great shine to them.
The pink shade is called Pink Quartz and is something I would wear daily (and I actually wore it yesterday). It's a nice light baby pink color which doesn't look unnatural on my lips.
Sandstone is more of a neutral shade, a tan color with brown undertones. Now if you're like me and have been obsessing over these kinds of 90s colors, you might just love it! It doesn't give you a splash of color, but it goes with absolutely everything, and it feels light on the lips. These colors have no shimmer/glitter, which I love.
The lipsticks surprised me with beautiful packaging, really nice and weighty with a luxurious feel. They open with a click and look just beautiful... Something you'll be excited to pull out of your purse.
And finally, a little surprise for my Slovenian readers! If you head to my Facebook page, you can enter to win Sandstone! Good luck ladies!
What's your favorite fall lipstick?
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Let's chat hair care!

I've been using the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Conditioner for the better part of a year now. I even mentioned I stopped using it for a while, and this is definitely one of those products that you notice is missing - does that make sense? When I didn't use it, my hair was dry and kept getting tangled up, but when I do put it in, my hair is softer & silkier. While I've had my bottle for a long time, I have to say this is a pretty expensive product. You can usually get it on some kind of offer, but the price is still around 20€. I've been trying to find a dupe for a long time, but it seemed pretty much impossible ...

Enter John Frieda.

I've used a lot of their products over the years, but somehow managed to forget about them after a while. A few weeks ago, I was sent two of their new products and the Frizz Ease Daily Miracle Leave-In Conditioner immediately caught my fancy. This product is a little different than the Redken one. While Anti-Snap is kind of like a liquid cream with a pump, Daily Miracle is in a spray bottle and feels like thick water. You spray it on your ends (don't use too much or your hair will get crunchy), and it works a treat! I noticed it significantly cut down the time I need to dry my hair, and it made it much softer and less prone to tangles. Usually, I need to comb my hair every 2 hours because otherwise it gets these insane knots, but with this, I can easily do it 1-2 per day. A great improvement for me. Best of all, the product only costs around 8€, which is half the price of Redken. I apply it to towel-dried hair (a small amount, way less than Redken) and either air or blow-dry. In case you are interested, Redken has 250 ml of product, and John Frieda has 200 ml, which I'm totally fine with - I like changing up my products and had Redken not worked so well, I would've gotten tired of it at this point. I've really been enjoying it and I would definitely recommend it if you have hair like mine - very long, prone to knots, damaged.

What is your favorite leave-in conditioner?

P.S. I am totally in love with my new background, which my father-in-law made for me, how sweet is that? I feel like a proper beauty blogger now, hehe.

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I\'ve been a part of the E-tail PR blogger network for a while now, but I never took advantage of it as they mainly send out clothes to bloggers, and as we all know, I\'m not much of a fashion blogger as it is. But when I noticed they had a campaign for Hairtrade, I applied immediately and requested a shampoo, since I\'ve recently been loving the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment. I was incredibly happy to receive not only the shampoo, but the conditioner as well, both available on their website. Let\'s discuss the products. The Redken All Soft range is meant for dry, brittle hair, which mine definitely is, however my fringe tends to get very greasy because I have oily skin and the two are constantly in contact. The shampoo promises to moisturize and has both argan oil and keratin in it. What do I think? I find it very, very hard to find a good shampoo. Conditioner is not as big of a problem, but shampoos I really struggle with ... The Redken shampoo works well, though it is not my favourite of all time. It makes my hair feel very soft and definitely not squeaky clean, but instead very nourished. I only worry that, with too much use, it might prove to be too heavy for me. The conditioner, on the other hand, is really lovely! The name All Soft has not been given to this shampoo without reason and it truly makes my hair incredibly soft, not silky, but touchable and beautiful. See for yourself!
I think these two work nicely for me, though they are quite expensive products (though currently on sale for around 10 pounds each, shampoo here, conditioner here). My hair looks very shiny as well when I\'m done, and today I actually sat in front of the mirror admiring it, because these two products made it so shiny and look like it has golden threads woven through it! I love this effect.
I would recommend both of these, not to girls with oily hair though. I think someone with curly or wavy hair would enjoy them a lot as well, because they make hair really manageable and soft. That being said, my overgrown ombré locks are in need of a change and I have a hair appointment in a few days, so I\'d love any tips on haircuts and coloring!

What kind of haircut should I get next?

Shampoo & Conditioner Reviews (Dove, Satinique)
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Shampoo & Conditioner Reviews (Dove, Satinique)

As you may have noticed, my blog has had a little makeover! I hope you like the design as much as I do - I love the new look. That aside, today I wanted to talk a little bit about the hair products I\'ve been using. Recently I\'ve noticed my hair is really, really demanding. Almost every shampoo I try does not work for me, so I\'ve just been sticking to a tried and tested favourite - Garnier. But I have a few new things in my shower and thought I would review them.
A few weeks ago I was in our local drugstore, and I picked up the Dove Pure Care Shampoo & Conditioner. Each of them cost around 3€ on sale and I immediately thought of Lauren Conrad. Ages ago, I read in a magazine that she loves Dove haircare and now that it\'s finally more readily available here in Slovenia, I remembered that and just bought these two. I loved them at first. My hair was silky soft when I used them, smelled amazing and didn\'t get greasy for two days. But then something happened that has been going on with every shampoo I\'ve been using - after about a week of using them, my hair got worse and worse. As soon as I dried it, it was already greasy! I have no idea why this is happening - I can use the conditioner, but the shampoo just messes with my hair. So, thumbs down on this shampoo. The conditioner however, I love. It smells lovely, makes my hair soft and really nourished.
Let\'s move on to Satinique. I attended an event for the brand back in the summer and hair been faithfully using their Anti-Hairfall Shampoo and Conditioner ever since. I really enjoy these two. The scent is gentle but lovely at the same time and I love the effect of the products. I\'m not sure if they had any effect on the hair loss part, but I love using them, especially because no other shampoo seems to work for me. I had no problems with this one, which is great. These are a bit more expensive though, around 14€ for each on I really like this brand, though, and I want to try more products from them, because my hair seems to approve.
My foray into the world of shampoos is semi-successful. It just seems like something in the shampoos others love doesn\'t work for me. I\'m not sure if it\'s SLS, or parabens, or something of the like, I need to do more research. But so far, the only shampoo that works for me is either Garnier or Satinique. Conditioners work great, but shampoos are another story. Do you have any advice for me? I really have no idea what I\'m doing wrong!

What shampoo & conditioner are you currently using?

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush VS Buffing Brush
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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush VS Buffing Brush

 I\\'ve been meaning to write a comparision post on these two Real Techniques brushes for ages, but somehow never got around to doing it. Today, I found these photos which I took weeks ago, and am finally getting around to talking about the Expert Face Brush and the Buffing Brush from the brand. I thought I\\'d do a comparision for all those interested, because I wasn\\'t sure whether I needed both and how they compare. I hope this post is helpful!
Let\\'s start with the Buffing Brush (SloveniaInternational), which I had first. I got this last year for my birthday in the Core Collection and so I\\'ve been using it for almost a year. My thoughts? It was absolutely my favourite brush from the collection, I love it. Ever since I first applied my foundation with this brush, there was no going back for me - I used it every day. It\\'s incredibly soft and applies makeup beautifully (I use a mixture of buffing and stippling). You can use it for pretty much any face product - for me, it works with liquid foundation, pressed powder, bronzer and blusher. Haven\\'t tried it with a mineral foundation, because I don\\'t think it\\'s dense enough. The only problem I have is the fact that the hairs tend to get very tangled up - like a knot. It may be because I don\\'t wash them as much as I should, or because I use the brush every day. I might have to get a replacement soon. I also just realized you can only get this brush in the Core Collection, which is a real shame as I don\\'t like the rest of the brushes from the set nearly as much. The kit costs around 25€.
Next, the Expert Face Brush (SloveniaInternational). This is a relatively new addition, but it has taken me by storm. A much more dense brush, shorter as well and more appropriate for buffing. Again, it can be used for any face product, I find it works the best with liquid foundation, but also really great for pressed powder, blusher, bronzer ... Might even work with mineral makeup if you don\\'t own a kabuki. No tangles in this one yet, but it does get dirty very fast, which is logical albeit slightly annoying for someone as lazy as I am. Price is around 10€.
How do the two compare? Since I have both, I use the EFB for liquid foundation, and apply pressed poder with BB. I find it gives me a really nice finish. Both are brushes I love, and I would love to have more than one of them, because they\\'re basically all I need, face-wise. I would say you can make use of both if you use a few face products, they are very versatile. But if you insist on only getting one, I would say to pick the Expert Face Brush, because it\\'s better value as you can buy it by itself, and it\\'s better at applying liquid foundation, which I think most of us use!
What is your favourite makeup brush?

Privacy Policy

Well being Domain any sort of therapeutic administrations information, which can be associated with a recognizable individual, to be characterized. In like way, all clinical information accumulated in help of the treatment oversaw at Health Workers will be revealed just to affirmed individuals who require this information to ensure that the best consideration is given. This consolidates doled out individuals who live inside a "drift of consideration" and anticipate that entrance should singular information with a particular ultimate objective to pass on treatment.


Consent is required for the social affair of individual information, and the subsequent use or exposure of this information. Singular information is used for the course of action of social protection, to which there is either recommended or conveyed consent by the patient. All individuals about whom singular information is accumulated, who don't wish to be fused into raising help exercises, or patient satisfaction surveys, are required to teach the selection operator, who will ensure they are rejected. Anyone not wanting their information to be bestowed to their Family Physician require basically determine this reality at the period of their selection, and steps are taken to ensure the information isn't conferred to the Family Physician.

Confining Collection

Wellbeing Workers will keep the get-together of individual information to what is principal for the inspirations driving giving social protection and treatment. Information will be accumulated by sensible and real methods.

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

Singular information won't be used or revealed for purposes other than those for which it was accumulated, beside with the consent of the individual or as required by law.


Singular information will be as correct, complete, and forward as is basic for the purposes behind which it is to be used.


Wellbeing Workers has made and completed security shields to guarantee singular information against disaster, robbery, unapproved get to, disclosure, imitating, use or change. Wellbeing Workers is centered around the security of every individual datum, paying little regard to the course of action in which it is held.


Wellbeing Workers will make instantly available to individuals specific information about its methodologies and takes a shot at relating to the organization of individual information. Wellbeing Workers will be open about its methodologies and practices with respect to the organization of individual information. Information concerning methodologies and practices will be made available in an edge that is overall legitimate and successfully open.

Particular Access

Upon request, a patient will be composed to the Privacy Officer, who will sort out access to their very own information according to this game plan and related speaking to sanctioning (The Public Hospitals Act, the Mental Health Act, Personal Health Information Protection Act). Patients who wish to test the accuracy and satisfaction of the information, will be asked for to report and sign an addendum – which will be attached to their ceaseless patient record. Where appropriate, Health Workers will transmit the changed information to pariahs, who got the main files.

Testing Compliance

A patient will have the ability to address a test concerning consistence with the above norms to the Privacy Officer, who is in charge of Health Workers consistence. Wellbeing Workers will inquire about all dissents. In case a protesting is seen to be supported, Health Workers will take fitting measures to alter the condition.


Hello there!
My 'new' blog design has been up for ages, and it is only now that I'm filling this space up. I've been putting it off for a bit I guess, so I'll just tell you about myself quickly now ...
My name is Živa (pronounced zhee-va) and I'm from a tiny European country called Slovenia. I love living here - it's absolutely beautiful and if you're ever in the area, I would strongly urge you to visit! I am almost 23 years old (my birthday is August 26th 1991) and I am a very typical Virgo, meaning I'll try to organise your beauty stash and write a to-do list for you if you come in contact with me.
I am an occasional Cosmopolitan journalist and I also do some freelance work on the side, I've also dabbled in ghostwriting (Young Adult), which is so much fun and incredibly exciting. My dream is to be a full-time writer and combine all of my passions, which include blogging, writing fiction and many other things.
Regarding more personal things, I'm very blessed to have an amazing guy in my life. His name is Tilen and we've been together for almost 2 years, though we've known each other for quite a while more (he successfully escaped the friendzone, yup). Tilen is the best part of my life and I will be forever grateful that I can call him mine now - and also banging my head against a wall for not realizing he was the one sooner. I also really love my family, we've been through a lot together and haven't been on the best of terms when I was a teenager, but my Mom and Dad play a huge part of my life, I'm grateful to them and I love them more than I can explain.
On an even more personal note, I'd like to quickly touch up on my background and current situation. I do have depression and I also take medication. I've had it so bad in the past I really didn't think I'd make it through, but today I'm incredibly happy and feeling good. Depression and very bad panic attacks also prevented me from finishing college, which was one of the worst things to happen to me. I really hated myself for a long time, but I'm positive I'll achieve everything I want and more despite not finishing uni! I do have quite the studious career in terms of majors, as I've done Art History, English as well as Bibliography.
I am really open about my personal life and I don't mind telling you about my ups and downs at all. I see my blog as a friendly place, because I was always very lacking in that department - I often thought I was completely alone. So I'd like you to feel welcome and know I'm here for you if you need me!
Well I've successfully gone off on a huge ramble, I'd just like to add that regarding beauty, I'm quite a bit obsessed, though I've been trying to be a bit more minimal in my choices. I love big lashes with a cat flick and a bold lip - you'll probably never see me wearing a nude lipstick or a smokey eye. I also adore perfumes and like to think I know quite a bit about them, thanks to my amazing aunt. Fashion is a passion (heh) I don't speak too often about, but I've loved it since I was about 11 years old. Books are a staple in my life, however, and I've been a huge reader ever since I, well, learned how to read.
On Nothin' Fancy. Really. you'll find lifestyle and beauty posts. People like to joke that I chose the stupidest name for my blog (of course, who hasn't) since I am quite the fancy person, apparently - also, I am a big drama queen, which is quite annoying but inevitable for a girl who thinks her blusher being the wrong shade is a disaster of biblical proportions.
There you have it - that's me in a nutshell. I hope you'll stick around!
Childfree by Choice

Childfree by Choice

A lady from Western Australia has sent this to me for you to read. She asks if you can give your feedback as she is a new blogger.

Restaurant and Bar

Restaurant and Bar
The main Restaurant and dining area consists of a high thatch roof, with an African rustic verandah which gives a breath taking view of the Crater Lake. Drinks and snacks are available in our restaurant throughout the day. After a long eventful day, what better way to unwind than to take a few drinks by our ‘bone fire’. Meals can be enjoyed either in the main dinning room, at the verandah or by the fireplace overlooking the beautiful Crater Lake. Our chefs take great pride in the food served.  All our meals are made with the outmost expertise of the chef making it nothing but mouth watering.  We cater for a wide range of tastes including vegetarian specialties.