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Best automatic chicken door: Cheeper keeper VS. Automatic Chicken Coop Door
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Best automatic chicken door: Cheeper keeper VS. Automatic Chicken Coop Door

If you have been keeping chicken for a while, you will understand the inconvenience of waking up early in the morning to open the chicken coop, and getting home on time to lock the door, even when there is the bad weather outside. However, you can solve this problem by getting the best automatic chicken door. This will ensure the safety of your chicken, free-range the chicken without bother the owner. These two automatic chicken doors below can be the best solution that we want to recommend to you:  Cheeper keeper VS. Automatic Chicken Coop Door.

#1 The power source for the main control unit

There are four main types of power sources available for automatic doors are Electrical grid, Portable Batteries, Solar Power, and a combination of all three. Cheeper Keeper opener uses 4AA batteries for the power source, you will need to worry about wiring process when using this model. Moreover, the batteries provided last for months before you need to recharge them. While Automatic chicken coop door uses the power source of both battery and electric. In the case, if the power source goes down, the batteries will act as alternatives. Battery power is always the most reliable and convenient source of power compared with other types of power. With the batteries, you will not concern about power outages and the door does not work. The best chicken coop door opener must have a significant power source in order for it to work well for a long time.

#2 The type of control

There are two types of the control unit will monitor the time of opening and closing the chicken coop door. They are a light sensor and timer-based. Cheeper keeper is operated based on a light-detection sensor, which will opens the door in the morning and close the door when it is evening. The automatic chicken coop door is operated by the combination of both light sensors and timer-based. The light sensor mode will automatically open and closes the door in the sunrise and sunset time. The timer mode will allow users to set the times you want to open and close the door of the day. It also allows you to manually open and close the door in the case if the power failure.

#3 The door

The standard door size for a chicken coop is 12 x 15 inches. The size will fit for the most breeds of chicken. Cheeper keeper provides the stainless steel door that is measure door 8 x 13 inches so if you have larger birds, you should consider this aspect. The door opener of Cheeper Keeper also features overload safety and the sensor system, which will detect if there is the chicken standing in the door and will not shut the door and harm your bird. Automatic chicken coop doors include the heavy-duty aluminum door.  This door is anti-rust and prevent the warp.
Bearded dragon Food list and Feeding tips
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Bearded dragon Food list and Feeding tips

Bearded dragon is considered a docile pet and easy to raise. Not only is it a lovely reptile pet, but it also helps you to feel relaxed when being cared for. However, in order for a bearded dragon to maintain good health, it needs to be provided with a most suitable bearded dragon food list. A healthy bearded dragon can live with you for up to 2 decades. Not all foods can become bearded dragon food, so you should be very concerned about this. Let your pet eat the right food and the right diet so that it possesses the best body and spirit. Here are bearded dragon foods that you can consider including in the bearded dragon diet.

#1 Protein

Bearded dragons cannot live without protein, so protein is one of the indispensable sources of nutrition for bearded dragons. Proteins are mainly found in insects and some pests. The insects you can feed bearded dragons include crickets, dubias, mealworms and waxworms. However, you should pay attention to the size and origin of these proteins. The size of insects that are not too big will affect the bearded dragon's digestibility as they devour food. You also should not choose insects of unknown origin or wild insects because they can carry many germs and bacteria. Do not put insects directly on the substrate, even the best bedding for bearded dragons can cause some problem to their digest system.

#2 Vegetables

Vegetables make up an important part of a bearded dragon's diet and greens can account for 20-25% of the diet. Baby bearded dragons may not need to eat vegetables, but older bearded dragons (10 months or older) should add greens to their menu. A balanced diet would be better for a bearded dragon. Green leafy vegetables are the ones you should choose. Cut green vegetables into bite-sized pieces and never use frozen vegetables. The fruit is also a great addition to bearded dragons. You should choose berries like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries for bearded dragon to eat. And don't forget to cut them into small pieces.

#3 Calcium

Add calcium to bearded dragon with food supplements. Don't forget that bearded dragons are in great need of calcium for reproduction, strong bones and skin stripping.
What would you need for bearded dragon habitat decor?
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What would you need for bearded dragon habitat decor?

Bearded dragons are known as a docile, easy-going pet. They are also don’t need much of extreme care and habitat as well. But being an owner who had so much love for your bearded, you still want to bring them all the best or simply you want to make your vivarium look good. Those following are some tips to help you mimic your ideal bearded dragon habitat decor.

Bearded dragon habitat ideas

#1 Desert Themes

Bearded dragons originally come from eastern central Australia; this hot, dry, sandy place and grassland area are home of bearded dragons.  If you prefer to provide them a habitat that most closely with what they have in natural, desert themes are a good ideal. To built a desert for your pet, you should put in vivarium some things such as shrubbery, desert backdrop, hammock, soft bed, grass, etc.

#2 Jungle themes

In case you prefer to make a different, fresh and green vivarium. What you need to décor your tank can be: green grass carpet, lush foliage, rock staircase, rock water bowl, plants, faux left vines, etc.  This decor ideal remains you of lush, green jungle, enriching life environment and also easy to clean, maintain as well.

Things that a Bearded dragon habitat kit should ensure

Whatever decor ideal that you choose, there are some things that you should attention while decorating your tank to keep your bearded dragon always safe and relax. Bearded dragon habitat kits have to provide enough temperature, UV light, and humidity for bearded dragon’s requirement with the best reptile fogger. The most important thing that it needs to safe for the dragon, do not to maintain any sharp objects or made of harmful chemicals. Decorating a vivarium should appropriate for your dragon’s activities and your tank space. Do not add too many things to a small tank. Your bearded dragon also needs a room that makes them be comfortable for any exercise.
Things you need to know about chicken guard automatic coop door opener
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Things you need to know about chicken guard automatic coop door opener

Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to let your chickens out or be a worry whenever you forgot to lock their coop or have to go away for the evening, you should buy the chicken guard automatic door opener. Chicken guard automatic coop door opener has been around for a few years now end being essential equipment to every chicken keepers. But if you have ever had this device and there are many questions come to your mind, follow our article below.

What is chicken guard automatic coop door opener?

There are so many types and brands of the guard are available, some are simple, some are high tech. But basically, this is the device that helps you to open and closes your chicken coop door automatically due to its timer or light sensor (or both). The guard may come with the control box and the door but there are also many manufacturers just sell the box only, and the door can be sold separately. If you had made the door on your own, then you just need to buy the control box. But if you are not, buying “all in one” device will save you more cost.

What features should the guard automatic coop door opener have?

Ease to install and operation; do not have complicated wiring or cabling. High durable, work well during any severe weather spells, predator-proof, never rust or warp. Do not use the gravity-based closing mechanism, closing gently with around 30 seconds. Chickens and some rodents cannot damage the wire. Adjust timer or light sensitivity for the control box. Long time manufacturer warranty and good customer service.

Different sources of automatic chicken doors

The best chicken coop door opener offers 4 types of power sources are: mains electric, batteries, solar and a combination of three types above. Not everyone has power supplies near the chicken coops and there is also a risk of power outages when using electrics. Instead, battery power seems to be more useful since it is constant and reliable, prevent outages. The only down point is that you should replace the battery before 6-9 months of use. The solar power can be used in the areas that the days and nights do not balance. The all in one device is always better.
How Important Is Leopard Gecko UV Light?
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How Important Is Leopard Gecko UV Light?

Leopard geckos are one of the most popular lizards to keep as pets today. There is a judgment that leopard geckos are active at night, so they do not need any amount of UV light and an only heat lamp is enough for leopard geckos lighting system. However, this judgment has been come up against divergent opinions. They definitely need the best UVB light for leopard gecko.

What is UV light?

Leopard gecko UV light contains UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are light rays, which help leopard geckos can see things. UVA is very important for reptile vision. Moreover, UVA lighting also necessary for leopard gecko can regulate their internal clocks, let them know when to sleep or must be awake, maintain the day and night cycle for your pets. Leopard gecko UVB light can help them improve the immune systems. UVB rays are used for synthesizing vitamin D3, which helps reptile promote healthy bone growth.

Do leopard geckos need UVB?

There is a misconception about leopard geckos that they are nocturnal. But the fact that they are crepuscular, that mean they active at twilight and dusk. In their natural habitat, they wake up and bask in just a few hours before sunrise. But this time is enough for leopard gecko absorbing all the UV light that they will need. In the enclosure, there are many synthetic supplements that can help your geckos get vitamin D3. These supplements play the role of UVB light, which helps a leopard maintain healthy bones, skin and improve immune systems. They just need heat lamps only to live for a long time without UV light. This is the reason why leopard gecko UVB is not absolutely necessary; they do not really need UVB bulb. However, if you concerned if your geckos getting enough vitamin D3 or not, you should provide them a UVB bulb. And also do not forget to give them the shelter place to hind away. This will ensure that your leopard geckos do not feel overly stressed by the lighting. It is recommended to use A T5 or T8 UVB of 5-6%, this will prove sufficient  UVB light for leopard geckos. In case if you are keeping albino leopard geckos, using the UVB light bulb of 2% will be better.
Best Bearded Dragon Substrate: Reptile Carpet VS. Substrate Tiles
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Best Bearded Dragon Substrate: Reptile Carpet VS. Substrate Tiles

When it comes to bearded dragon substrate, there are lots of options to choose from. Bearded dragons need the substrate that will not help them feel comfortable at home, but also keep them stay healthy and do not get any problem from them. This post is our 2 pick of best bearded dragon substrate: reptile carpet vs Substrate tiles. That will ensure you make the best decision for your bearded dragon’s enclosure environment.  

#1 Safe for bearded dragons

For all the bearded dragon keepers especially if you are a new owner, the first thing you will concern is about how safe substrate is. Luckily, if you are choosing reptile carpet or tile, they will pose absolutely no health risk for your bearded dragons. They are considered as the best bedding for bearded dragons, no risk of ingestion of irritated can come from these substrates. They are also non-toxic and not emit any chemicals.

#2 Easy to clean

You will need to frequently sport clean the substrate daily and deep clean all the tank for at least once per week. These two best substrates bedding bearded dragons are quite easy to clean and do not present the risk of parasites. They are also do not get hygiene issues like loose particle substrates. However, the reptile carpet is not the easiest to clean. You will need to learn how to proper clean them. You are recommended to get at least one backup carpet for each time of clean. You must place the carpet under the hose to clean then wash in a disinfectant solution. Do not use a washing machine for it. Meanwhile, the tile substrate will take you less effort to be maintained. Tile can be regarded as the easiest and lowest maintenance substrate. Moreover, you will never have to replace the tile.

#3 Bearded dragon’s claw

There is the drawback that reptile carpet can get worn after a long time of using, and this makes the bearded dragon’s claw can get stick in the carpet. Ensure that you always keep it in good condition and replace any worn reptile carpet. If you hate trimming your bearded dragon’s claw, then using a substrate tile can be the good ideal. Sine tile actually can help keep your bearded dragon’s claw trimmed.
What are the best snake terrarium brands?
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What are the best snake terrarium brands?

Snakes are great pets as they are interesting and exciting to own. However, when it comes to housing a snake, the first step is considering the type of terrarium that’s best for it. There are lots of aspect to look for such as consider the type of terrarium that’s best for. Instead of consider each of them, it is more easier to rely on and put your faith in one of the reliable brands. Here are some brands of snake terrariums that will think will provide the best snake terrarium.

#1 Exo Terra Snake Terrariums

Exo Terra can be considered as one of the most well known reptile enclosure manufacturers in industry. Exo Terra was known as not only snake terrariums but also other snake products such as food, substrate, heating and lighting fixture, etc. Exo Terra is a company that is dedicated to making some of the best snake terrariums out there that you can trust on. Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is my top choice to house snake. Exo Terra glass terrariums are designed by European herpetologists and are suited perfectly to the needs of reptiles and amphibians. If you are looking for the terrarium that allow you to mimic the snake’s natural environment, then do not look over this product. They can be made into everything from a simulated desert habitat to a tropical paradise. The premium materials used in the construction is what make it the safest terrarium to use

#2 Reptizoo snake terrarium

Reptizoo is another popular brand that manufacturers some of the best snake terrariums and other snake products as well. Repti Zoo terrariums are actually very similar to Exo Terra, in terms of quality and price. Therefore, it’s hard to say which brand is more prominent. Repti Zoo enclosures are also very easy to assemble and are made from similarly high quality materials. However, the only drawback of Reptizoo over Exo terra is about sizes. Exo Terra has a wide of different sizes, while Rept Zoo’s options are clearly very limited.

#3 Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium

Carolina Custom Cages is less common brans than these two above. However, if you are looking for an extravagant snake vivarium that looks more like a piece of art, then Carolina Custom Cages is what you should go with. They make unique and stunning snake tetarrium that are built with integrity. One more advantage of Carolina Custom Cages is that they provide larger sizes than these two brands above. Carolina Custom Cages terrariums are made of strong glass and metal with extremely high quality.
Is Mercury vapor UVB bulb good for tortoises?
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Is Mercury vapor UVB bulb good for tortoises?

While other lighting requirements of a tortoise setup be bought separating in the form of UVB, daylight and heat light, Mercury vapor UVB bulb has everything covered in one. It features all the heat, light and UVB output needed by your tortoise. There has been manufacturing problems with Mercury vapor bulb in the past. These defectives mercury vapor bulbs emitted abnormally short wavelength UVB. This is why many tortoise owners concerned to use this bulb for tortoises. However, several well-known, reliable brands of mercury vapor bulbs are on the market today remove these defectives mercury vapor bulbs. And if you are looking for the best UVB bulb for tortoises, you should consider Mercury vapor UVB bulb.

#1 Advantages of Mercury vapor UVB bulb

Mercury vapor UVB bulb provides heat, daylight, UVA, and UVB light all in one lamp. If you want to simple your tortoise’s lighting setup or if you don't have a lot of room in tortoise terrarium, then mercury vapor is an excellent choice. Today mercury vapor bulbs also come down in price than they are in the past. They're actually a less-expensive way to light up your turtle's world than using separate bulb. These bulbs are superb for those keeping their tortoise in a open-topped environment like a tortoise table.

#2 Disadvantages of mercury vapor UVB bulb

The main disadvantage that makes you should use UVB mercury vapor basking lights with caution is that their wavelengths are typically shorter than sunlight and increased the risk of an eye problem. Due to that, you will need to place them high enough so the UV doesn’t damage your tortoises. The minimum recommended distance is at least 12 inches (30cm) between the bulb and your pets. The second down sides of mercury vapor bulbs is that they use a lot more electricity than halogen basking lights and fluorescent UVB lamps. They will use about twice time as much electricity as other bulbs

#3 Wattage of mercury vapor bulbs

Mercury vapor bulbs have high wattage, it is about 100-275w. That means they will emit heat and become very hot. So, mercury vapor bulb should not be used in very small enclosure or it may overheat your tortoises. Besides, double check and ensure that your light fixture takes the high wattage of your mercury vapor bulbs.
Where you should place gerbil enclosure habitat?
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Where you should place gerbil enclosure habitat?

The best way to mimic the natural habitat of gerbil and keep them happy is to house them in a best gerbil habitat and place it in the right placement with ideal temperature range. All gerbil owners must know that gerbil cage should be placed in a comfortable, dry, draught-free, clean place to live, in a quiet place where they can rest undisturbed. These are just some basic thing, and this post will go in the detail about positioning the gerbil cage.

#1 Avoid placing the cage in direct sunlight and near windows

The direct sunlight from windows will go through the glass of aquarium cages and overheat your gerbils. In the wild, gerbils live in underground tunnels up to 3m long, that means they do not need lots of heat to keep warm. Overheating can cause heatstroke in your gerbils. Instead, to mimic their natural habitat, you should place your gerbil’s cage in a cool part of the house. It is even better if you provide them a sport that receives indirect sunlight, so that they can regulate their temperature if they want.

#2 Avoid draughty condition of air vents

Do not place the gerbil cage in front of or underneath air vents. Also, place the cage further away from an air conditioning unit. If the temperature ever hits a low of around 55 degrees, then it's just too cold for your gerbil. Never allow your gerbil to be in such a cold environment.

#3 Avoid generate ultrasound items

Any items in the home which can generate ultrasound can disturb your gerbils and make them stress. Television sets, computer screens, vacuum cleaners or sources of running water is some device that can generate ultrasound. This is because gerbils communicate with others by using ultrasonic frequencies so they are very sensitive to some sounds that we cannot hear. Gerbils also have an excellent sense of hearing and smell. So, you should place their cage in a quiet room. Avoid placing their cage in the room with lots of sound such as children's bedrooms, family rooms, kitchens, and hallways.

#4 Place the cage on the shelf

You should place the gerbil cage higher from the ground on a table or shelf as it is a good way to protect your gerbil from home pets like dog and cat. However, also ensure that the structure of the table or shelf that your place the cage on is sturdy. This also keep the gerbil cage away from damp floor.
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Breed of chickens for small farm

When you’ve decided to keep chickens, you have to pick the chicken breed or breeds you will raise on your little ranch or residence. Chickens come in various personalities, sizes and colors – and there are about 200 breeds so picking the right breed would be difficult. The breeds listed here are the most popular and will be ideal.

Ameracauna Chickens

Genuine standard Ameracaunas are an uncommon type of South American chicken that lay blue eggs. The majority of what is referred to as “Ameracaunas” or “Easter Eggers” in the United States is a blend of South American breeds. They’re all relatives of Araucana chickens brought from Chile during the 1970s. Regardless, these are fun, intriguing birds who are fundamentally useful for laying eggs but not for meat. Their identities can differ and their eggs come in cream, green and blue. Due to the color of their eggs, they are top picks among kids and farmers market clients.

New Hampshire Red Chickens

New Hampshire Reds are an overwhelming, early-developing breed known for their meat more than their eggs, despite the fact that they are genuine dual-purpose birds and are great for both. They initially came from Rhode Island Reds. Their personalities vary from bird to bird from concentrating on the pecking order and somewhat forceful toward other birds, to docile and mellow.

Orpington Chickens

The most widely recognized Orpington breeds are Buffs, known for their huge, cushioned feathered bodies and delicate personas. These are the Big Birds of the dual-purpose chicken world. Sweet, compliant, and simple to bind in a fenced zone, they are a most loved of families with kids. As they can handle being held all the time, they can also be vulnerable to predators, Orpingtons were initially raised for meat but they lay good eggs as well. They keep on laying directly through the winter months, making them extraordinary for cool atmosphere farms. You can use BEST AUTOMATIC CHICKEN COOP DOOR OPENERS

Plymouth Rock Chickens

The most widely recognized Plymouth Rock breed is the Barred Rock. With their white and black stripes, Barred Rocks are gorgeous breeds and they stand out among their peers. As the name implies, Plymouth Rock chickens were first found in Massachusetts. Plymouth Rocks are strong, tough dual-purpose birds and extremely famous for the little homestead and farm. They were at one time the most famous breed in America, due in expansive part to their delicate, docile personalities.

Rhode Island Red Chickens

Rhode Island Reds are productive egg-layers and at one time a standard for little poultry ranches. In spite of the fact that they’re useful for meat, as well, they are known for their high egg generation. Rhode Island Reds are attractive birds and keeping in mind that they’re exceptionally active, the chickens are docile and calm. Do not mistake this quality for weakness because indeed, Rhode Island Red roosters can be aggressive.

Sussex Chickens

An English breed, Sussex chickens were at one time the most widely recognized British chicken. Dotted Sussex is a well-known breed and their dark colored plumage with white dots certainly makes them unique from all the other stock. Their shading is likewise great camouflage from predators.

Wyandotte Chickens

These pretty birds, initially known as the American Sebright, are dual-purpose birds who lay abundant quantities of brown eggs. The most popular breed is the silver-bound Wyandotte and they come in a few colour assortments. These chickens can endure antagonistic climate conditions and are naturally docile and good-natured.