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Does homemade horse fly repellent for humans really effective?

Does homemade horse fly repellent for humans really effective?

Some horses owners prefer to make their own horse fly repellent for humans. An Internet search will reveal a variety of homemade fly repellents using the ingredients that can easy find in your kitchen room. While the commercial <horse fly spray are sold out there may contain chemicals that harm your health, using common household ingredients to create a fly spray is the great way to ensure it is safe for both you and your horses. However, many horse owners still doubt about the effectiveness of homemade horse fly.

#1 What make the effectiveness of homemade horse fly repellent?

The effectiveness of homemade fly sprays will depend on how you use it. Even you create the <best horse fly repellent for humans, you cannot use it once a day and expect it to work effectively. The true is mixture homemade is safer but cannot last as long as manufactured fly repellents. Depends on the mixture that your create, you will need to spray it again for about once per hour to get the best result. Fly sprays made with essential oils will repel flies, not kill them on contact. Not only that, you have to ensure that you spray all the coat of the horses and your body, not shot into the air. One more thing to note, although essential oils can be effective for repelling insects, the key to successfully create the horse fly repellent is mix it with the proper base. Because the water will add nothing to the effectiveness, so the liquid base such as white vinegar, dish soap, hair conditioner for humans, etc are important and determine the effectiveness of your homemade horse fly repellent.

#2 Noticeable things about homemade fly repellents

Whether you use commercial and homemade fly spray products, you should watch out for allergic reactions. You and your horses may be sensitive to the ingredients that contained in fly spray. If you get any reactions such as rash, hives or discomfort after using these products, this may be the signal of allergic. Stop using it immediately. If there are any ingredients in your homemade repellents recipe are not natural oils. It is better to take advice from veterinarian. In addition to create the fly spray for humans, there is also one way to get rid of fly that is add fresh or powdered garlic to a horse's grain or add vinegar to their drinking water with the small amount.

Milk and king snakes

Milk and king snakes are excellent, docile snakes. Milk and king snakes are firmly related, both belonging to the Lamproletis family, and there are a few subspecies of both milk and king snakes. Patterns and colors differ between the subspecies, but there are many striking and delightful patterns to be found among these snakes.

Choosing a Snake

Things to search for in a strong and healthy snake (any sort of snake):
  • Round, firm body.
  • Clear eyes (might be somewhat shady if going to shed), no discharge from eyes.
  • No indications of bugs (check particularly around head/eyes, search for dusty spots on the body, and check hands after holding the snake).
  • No open mouth breathing or wheezing for breath.
  • Inside of mouth consistently pink (cheesy looking matter or reddened area may indicate mouth rot).
  • Shiny, smooth skin without any scabs or wounds.
  • Clean vent with no swelling.
  • Should move easily without any tremors.


A safe cage is essentially vital – king snakes are famous for testing their cages for weak spots and getting away from the littlest of spaces. Any cage requires a latched and secure top. Bear in mind that setting up a cage like this might be expensive but it will be justified, despite all the trouble. Remember that snakes can get past spaces that are so little and doesn’t possible to pass through. Putting plastic tubing (like aquarium carrier tubing) between the edge of the tank and the top may likewise help avert escapes. Milk and king snakes ought not to be kept in one cage because they won’t hesitate to eat each other when they get the chance. Won’t eliminate the bad situation, though. You’ll want to use a  Best Snake Bite Kit for that.


For a substrate in the tank, an assortment of materials can be utilized. For new snakes, paper towels or butcher paper are perfect to encourage cleaning and permit observing of defecation until the specific the snake is free of parasites. Different substrates that can be used are aspen shavings, mulch, reptile bark, or outdoor-indoor carpeting (never use pine, redwood or cedar). If you settle for shavings, it is critical to ensure it isn’t ingested with the snake’s food because it could lead to serious health issues. Whatever is utilized, neatness is critical.  Ensure you pick something that you will have the capacity to clean as regularly as you can.


Milk and king snakes are fed mice or infant rodents. When in doubt, feed the snake only what is equivalent to the width of the snake at its most stretched out part (the head not included). Young snakes (subadult) ought to be fed twice weekly. Fully grown snakes can be fed adult mice (or weanling rodents) on more than one occasion per week. Similarly, as with several snakes, pre-killed prey recommended to ensure the prey does not harm the snake.


After allowing the snake a few days to settle in, you can begin handling it. Be delicate and diligent, with day by day short sessions at first to build up the required trust. Regurgitation is moderately basic in these snakes and can come about if you handle them too soon after a meal. Other reasons could be as a result of illness, too cold enclosure or that the meal is too large. If it does keep reoccurring after you have taken the necessary adjustments and it keeps recurring, check with a vet.
What are different types of best hedgehog cage?

What are different types of best hedgehog cage?

There are lots of cages are sold on the market, before you bring your new hedgehogs home, make sure that their new cage will make them feel such real home while inside. In order to help you choose the <best hedgehog cage what you suit well, here we want to compare and show you some information about all types of housing for hedgehogs.

#1 Wire hedgehog cages

An upper wire-based cage with plastic based bottom constructed is the most common type of commercial cage. You can easy fine this type of cage at any market or pet stores. The benefits of wire cages are they easy to set up, clean, and have well designed ventilated as well. Aside from that, these cages also come with solid tray as a base allows you to add the substrate for hedgehogs to burrow under. However, the disadvantage of these wire cages is that they can be more costly than other. One more problem can occur if the wire spacing is too large, your pets can escape or chew.

#2 Playpen hedgehog cages

You can use the playpens as the alternative for a <hedgehog enclosure. They usually comes with bright color, some of them also include exercise wheel, toys and other accessories. The outstanding point of this cage is that it is lightweight, flexible and versatile so that you can carry and use it anywhere. It also does not take much of space. However, the drawback that this cage should not the best cage for long term use since it does not really durable, stable and secure.

#3 Aquarium hedgehog cages

This is another famous style of hedgehog cage. It is made of the wire mesh top and the glass material bottom. The aquarium cage has aesthetic attractive and allows you to easy see your hedgehogs inside. You also do not need to worry about your hedgehogs get stick into the wire bar. However, the aquarium is usually more expensive, heavier and smaller than other cages. You also have to ensure that it has proper ventilation because glass is tight air proof.

#4 DIY cage

Some hedgehog owners prefer to make their own cage for pets. You can use the cardboard or plastic containers to make the DIY hedgehog owners. They are much more cheaper or even free. These cages also environment-friendly since you are reusing materials. Another way to make DIY cage for hedgehogs is use he C&C cages. These cage is lightweight and easy to carry around. But they will require time and effort to build.
Choosing an ideal snake pet

Choosing an ideal snake pet

Snakes are awesome creatures and with proper handling, they become awesome pets. Be that as it may, snakes are clearly not meant for everybody. They have exceptional necessities and should only by those prepared to give them the special care they require. In the event that you are new to pet snakes, discover what you ought to consider before settling on one and what snake categories are the best snakes for novices.

Interesting points to note Before Choosing a Snake as a Pet

Snake pets are long time commitments because some of them could live to be 20 years. You should be prepared to feed your snake live prey, although pre-killed and frozen prey are ideal choices. Also be ready to devote a section of your freezer to storing frozen food for your snake. Snakes are renowned for escaping whenever they have the chance so secure their cages properly. Snakes are persistent when it comes to finding small gaps and squeezing through them. As beautiful as they may seem, venomous and large snakes should not be kept as pets because of their safety concerns. Obtain a captivity red snake from a respectable breeder if you can. Snakes gotten from the wild are more difficult to tame, prone to diseases and parasites and are more stressed.

General Pet Snake Information for Beginners

Feeding Snakes: Pre-Killed versus Live Prey – Ideally, feeding your snake pre-killed prey is advised since a live prey could injure the snake in self-defense, it is less stressful to keep a supply of dead prey in your freezer for your snake’s feeding. How to Provide a Thermal Gradient – All snakes should have the capacity to manage their body temperature by moving hot and cool areas. Provide a gradient and ensure the warm area of the tank is sufficiently warm to suit your snake’s health and also help them digest their meals. Signs a Snake is About to Shed – There are some genuinely basic signs that a snake will soon shed its skin and to an amateur, it may not be easily to notice. Learn to know what to look out for so you’re not caught off guard

How Can I Tell if My Snake is a Male or Female?

Do you research properly so you can easily identify a male snake and a female snake. How to Find an Escaped Pet – If your snake happens to be an expert in escaping, there are several ways that you can track them down. Bear in mind that they will likely head to an enclosed and warm area. Constricting Snakes – Pythons, boas and other large snakes are pretty strong so be sure you have enough information on handling them. Irrespective of the breed you end up with, a new snake owner ought to be acquainted with their behavioral characteristics, feeding, proper care and the commitment required to keep the snake.
Best rat bedding: Is fleece bedding good for rat?

Best rat bedding: Is fleece bedding good for rat?

With so many different choices, it can be hard to make a decision for the <best rat bedding. But many rat owners use fleece blankets or materials to use as liners and bedding in their rat cages. So is fleece bedding good for rat? This post will provide you basic information, the pros and cons of fleece bedding to help you get the best choice.

#1 Why you should use fleece bedding for rats?

Fleece is the popular fabric that has the benefit of being safe as <bedding for rats. Fleece is soft, comfortable, cozy and it looks great too. If you are worry about the dust from pine or aspen shaving bedding, which can cause allergies, upper respiratory problems for your pets, then fleece will be the solution for this. Fleece cuts down on the dust, it is also soft for rats to walk and lay on. Another impressive factor about fleece is that since it seems to be more costly than other types of bedding but the true is it saves you money because it's reusable. Washing it for next time uses. Apart from this, Fleece bedding available come in a variety of colors and patterns that make the cage look nice. It also reduces the chances to harbor mites.

#2 Disadvantages of using fleece bedding

You also have to carefully choose the fleece bedding since some low quality product may come with loose threads or small fiber sticking out. The toes of your rats may get entangled with loose threads and cause injuries. This bedding also cannot be use in the litter box of rats. Fleece is made from polyethylene, so that it is not good at absorb urine and also cannot control odor very well.

#3 Maintenance of Fleece

Although fleece is reusable but it must be changed once every few days to a week. You should use scent free liquid laundry detergent when washing the fleece blankets because strong smells can make your rats uncomfortable. If the fleece still has a urine smell after washing you can use the mixture of distilled white vinegar and detergent to reduce the urine smell if detergent and washing doesn't work.
What retained eye caps implies on snakes

What retained eye caps implies on snakes

Snakes don’t actually have eyelids. Rather, they have a special kind of adjusted scales over their eyes called spectacles (or eye caps) that protects the eyes. Amid a typical shedding cycle, the eye caps are expected to fall off. In certain cases, one or both eye caps are retained. This regularly occurs in snakes with swelling eyes (perhaps the eye tops get hung up) or in states of low humidity. While there’s some theory on the correct treatment of held eye caps (or that they should even be treated), the condition can cause infection, duct and eyesight problems if it continues during the lifespan of the snake.

Side effects of Retained Eye Caps in Snakes

It’s in every case best to look at the skin your snake sheds. (Also, it’s really cool to see, too.) The eye tops ought to be intact when you look at it, which means there ought to be no openings where the eyes spots are. In the event that the skin seems to have gaps where the eye tops used to be, then it could either be they were retained on the snake or they fell separately from the skin. To ensure they’re not retained on the snake’s eyes, check its eyes to check whether they are cloudy or clear. Clear eyes typically mean the eye tops shed properly, while a shady or fogginess in one or the two eyes can show eye tops that didn’t shed. Be that as it may, not all anomalous looking eyes represents this condition. When in doubt, counsel an exotics veterinarian who is knowledgeable about reptiles.


A few reptile owners have mixed thoughts as regards retained eye caps. Some recommend you should disregard them and let them fall off on its own. It’s best to counsel your reptile veterinarian before deciding what you believe is right for your snake. In most cases, your vet will recommend you come to see him so he can take off the caps to prevent a blurry vision which could lead to a reluctance to feed, aggression and nervousness. Retained eye caps can also create room for infections to move in, particularly in the event that they were held through more than one shed. If your snake has this condition, first, absorb it warm water (not very hot) a few times each day. Ensure the water is deep enough for the snake to be completely submerged then keep your eyes on it to prevent drowning. Doing this for a few days might aid the skin to become soft and allow the snake shed it but if this fails to happen, then you should take it to the vet for removal.

Preventing Retained Eye Caps in Snakes

Maintain proper humidity in the snake’s cage to prevent this condition. A lot of snakes thrive in an area with 50 to 70 percent moisture humidity. Moistening your tropical snake consistently additionally helps it to hold the dampness required for adequate shedding. Ensure your snake’s cage is smooth and does not contain sharp or pointed objects that could cause an injury to the snake’s eye area. Feed your snake properly and finish it with adequate water for hydration. Moreover, you can aid the process by providing a shedding box for the snake. This can be in the form of a damp paper towel placed in a well-ventilated box. The microclimate within creates the required environment for shedding.
Best betta tanks: Marina LED Aquarium Kit VS. EcoQube Aquarium

Best betta tanks: Marina LED Aquarium Kit VS. EcoQube Aquarium

he radiant beauty, vivid colors, low-maintenance, and general awesomeness of Betta fish make them perfect to keep as pets in the aquarium. However, there are a few things you will need to keep your eye out for when decides to keep Betta fish. One of these things is the best betta tank. Generally, the right tank with the proper conditions will create a healthy environment for the growth of Betta. In order to help you figure out what is the best tank for your fish, this post below will go into details of two Betta fish tanks: Marina LED Aquarium Kit VS. EcoQube Aquarium.

#1 Tank size

Many people believe that Betta fish do not need much room to live in. They prefer to keep them in tiny bowls or tanks. However, the truth is that Betta fish should not be kept in less than 5 gallons tank size. And that's why you should learn about the best aquarium starter kits. Marina LED aquarium kit is available in 10 and 20 gallons sizes. It is always better if you can give your Betta a large tank like this. Especially if you want to keep them with the other fish since one of the special characteristics of Betta fish is a territorial dispute. However, if you have limited space and you are looking for the small and convenient sized tank so that you can place it on a table or your office desk, you can choose the EcoQube tank instead. EcoQube is about 2 gallons in size; this size is relatively small for a betta, but you also can put him in this tank if you give him frequent cleaning and filtration.

#2 Filtration

It is obvious that the filter is the key to maintaining your aquarium. Ideally, the tank should come with a filter built-in. Marina tank offers a Marina Slim S15 clip-on filter with quick-change filter cartridges. The filter comes with a sponge, which will protect your Betta fish from getting sucked in. EcoQube Betta tank includes an aquaponics filter. It does a great job at remove all the fish waste, create a clean self-sustained ecosystem.

#3 What is in the kit?

If you are a beginner, you may expect to get an all-in-one aquarium kit, so that you will get all the equipment you need to set up your Betta tank. Marina kits come with Led lighting system, fish food, Aqua Plus Water Conditioner, Cycle Biological Supplement, fishnet, thermometer. EcoQube also offers everything you need to get started, includes aquaponics filter, sand decoration, mountain stone, glass cover, wireless remote LED light and basil seeds. If you do not need to upgrade the tank, you will get a comfortable living environment for your betta with this tank.
Things you need to know about the best cage for 2 guinea pigs

Things you need to know about the best cage for 2 guinea pigs

Due to their small size, people who do not have enough space for a dog or a cat will prefer to keep guinea pigs. But unlike any typical pet, those are satisfied with the relation to their owner. Guinea pigs are social animals that need at least one friend of their species. This had led to some requirements for their cages. Keeping 2 guinea pigs will need more attention than one. This article will help to figure out what is the best guinea pig cage for 2.

Large cages are always better

The most important factor for two guinea pigs getting along is the cage should big enough for them to have their own private space. If the cage is too small, they will be increased the feeling of tension and probably fight each other. A large enclosure will bring them a comfortable feeling and they also can be alone whatever they want. You should learn more about the best guinea pig treats. Almost available cages are too small for 2 or more guinea pigs. If you bought a small cage, you should ensure that they are getting along fine in this cage and keep an eye on them all the time and monitor their weight and health. Best guinea pig cages should big enough to include ramps, platforms to encourage they climb and the room to exercise. The space needed for 2 guinea pigs should be at least 7,5 square feet and the ideal size is 15 square feet.

Choosing a great ventilated, easy to clean cage

Guinea pigs appear are cute and clean, but their cages are not like that. They are messy, poop and pee everywhere in the cages. Keeping one more guinea pigs that mean you will need to do a lot of cleaning more. Due to this, you will need a cage easy to clean and have a proper ventilated.