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What are the best chew toys for rat?

If you want to establish or enrich the enclosure environment for your rat, so the best rat toys are indispensable for them. It is no surprise that rats enjoy chewing and eating. However, eating too much or chewing the wrong things can causes a lot of damage for the habitats and causes serious health hazard for rats as well.

To prevent these, you should give your rats the best chew toys, what are made specifically for gnawing on. Best chew toy for rats should be durable enough to resist chewing and sharp teeth. There is one thing to remember is that whatever toys you choose, ensure that it made from non-toxic, safe material.

#1 happypet Small Animal Fruit Nibblers

You should provide your rats a good chew toy, what help them wear down their teeth. Gnawing on hard object is an important part of rodent’s life as it keeps their teeth healthy and stop growing. You will not want your rats chew on everything they can in the cage, provide Happy Pet Fruit Nibblers for your rats is the good ideal.

Happy Pet Fruit Nibblers is made from natural, safe wood and available in a pack of 4 pieces. Your rat will love chewing on these sweet fruit shapes toys. They are come in brightly coloured and designed to mimic fruits, which will attract your rats.

Although wooden toys might not the budget options for some owner, you will not want to spend more money to visits the vet. These toys not only help trim down the teeth, it also keep your pet entertained, busy in their cage.

You will get 4 pieces of wood in the pack, that means your pet will have four toys at the same time, the toys also long lasting and less likely to run out.

#2 Kaytee Small Animal Chew Toys

If you are looking for something more affordable, Kaytee Small Animal Chew Toys is a good option. This toy is very simple that it only made from wood and natural, vegetable dyes. The wooden knot is totally safe for your pets, the vegetable dyes make the toy brightly color that will attract your pets.

It comes with the complex design, which make the rat have to spend their time playing with it. There is a lot of point, where your rats can look at, and a lot for him to chew on. Especially, there is a small ball in the center of the toy. When your pet playing with this, the small ball inside will make interesting sound, what makes the toy even more appealing.

This toy is large and durable enough to resist even most serious chewing. It measures 4 x 4 x 3.25 inches, the Knot Nibbler will last for long time. Kaytee Small Animal Chew Toys good for the dental health and also great for the rat’s physical health. Chewing keeps their teeth in check and strong.

This toy will make your rat attention from things that they not allowed to eat such as plastic things, cage bar, etc. to something that they allowed to eat.

#3 Wivily Natural Wood Unicycle Dumbell Bell Roller Chew Toys for Pet Rabbits Hamster Rat

This toy can be put into the chew toy type, but it can bring more than this benefit. As the name suggested, you can image the shape of Uniycle Dumbell Bell Roller Chew. It looks a bit like a dumbbell but there are spokes on the side. There is a small bell that is placed inside the spokes, which will make the sound when your rats move it.

This toy is perfect suit the rats as they can move it easily due to its small size. It measures 6.9 x 4.9 cm, it’s small and compact enough for a rat. However, the size is also big enough to make the rats want to move it around. The toy is also available in various sizes. If you are owning smaller rats, you can choose the options that measures 5 x 3.7 cm or ones who have a hard time pushing larger objects.

Since it comes in circular shape, the rats can easily roll it around their cage. Your pets will enjoy the time playing with it while listen to the noise. It not only keeps the rats busy but also encourage their activity. Made of natural wood, you can rest your mind as it is 100% animal-safe. While it won’t last for very long, it is durable enough to withstand some serious chewing.

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