Thursday, September 21

What Is The Best Guinea Pig Cage? Aquariums vs C&C Cage

To take good care of guinea pigs, it is not about only choose the best bedding for guinea pigs, it is absolutely essential to choose appropriate housing for your guinea pigs too. You might have some misconception about guinea pigs cage especially if you are a new owner and have never keep guinea pigs before.

Many guinea pig keepers house guinea pigs in a cage that unsuitable for them. In order to ensure your pets will grow into a healthy, happy cavy; we will give you some basic information about the aquarium and C&C cage. These cages are two of the most common cage for guinea pigs today.

#1 Air circulation

Air circulation is one of the most important aspects of rodents. If the air cannot circulate well, it may lead to the risk of respiratory infections, the temperature is harder to maintain, and it also gets hard to control odor.

Because of these reasons above, it is easy to see that Cubes grids and Coroplast cage are better in air circulation than an aquarium. The aquarium is a poorly ventilated cage. It is also can lead to mold and disease for your guinea pigs.

#2 Easy to clean

The advantage is that aquarium relatively easier to clean than Cubes grids and Coroplast cage. You just need to take out all the objects in the aquarium out and wash down the walls with a mixture of water and vinegar.

In contrast, due to the wire bottom and walls, Cubes grids and the Coroplast cage is making the cage harder to clean. Instead, you can disassemble it and clean every nook and cranny.

#3 Size

This is the factor that makes C&C cage become the best guinea pig cage. While the aquarium side is quite small for one guinea pig since the recommended to keep a singer guinea pig in about seven square feet of space.

C&C cage comes in varied sizes and provides enough space to walk around and play. Moreover, the outstanding point of this cage is that this is can be the ability to expand, reduce, and divide.

That means you can use cable ties and extra grids to wide open the cage when your guinea pigs are bigger or when you want to keep more guinea pigs in your cage.

Guinea pigs need exercise and they require room for their activities and relax. Besides, guinea pigs are social animals, they will do best when they have friend and you may want to keep two or more guinea pigs together.

Therefore, you should provide them a cage that large enough to avoid they fight each other if their quarters are too small.