Thursday, September 21

Tips For Feeding Best Greens For Bearded Dragon

Sometimes your bearded dragons are picky eaters and stubborn. Especially if you do not create eating greens habit for them from a young age.

As a guideline, an adult bearded dragon diet should be about 20% animal-based food and 80% plant-based food.

It is important to figure out what are the best greens for bearded dragon and encourage them to eat these greens. If your bearded dragons do not eat greens for a long time, it can be the risk for their health. These things below are some suggestions and tips that help your bearded dragons love to eat their greens.

#1 Mixing various greens up

Sometimes your bearded dragons do not eat greens simply because they hate the greens that you feed them. There are some greens that can be considered as best greens for bearded dragons: endive, spring mix, carrot tops, broccoli, turnip greens, beet greens, mustard greens, collard greens.

Besides, some other types can take a lesser percentage of the diet are mustard greens, watercress, kale, dandelion, escarole, etc.

Bearded dragons can eat most vegetables, except they don’t like to eat green much. It could be because of their hobbies or maybe their digestive system has a problem leading to anorexia. So you should choose the best bedding for bearded dragons without affecting the digestive system so they can enjoy more food.

Switching up these greens above in bearded dragon diet, or you can find out the greens that they like and mix with the other greens. Mixing up what you give them also can make sure that they have a balanced diet.

#2 Using “Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Salad Dressing”

You can add about 3 to 6 teaspoons of “Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Salad Dressing” into their greens can encourage them from eating it. This salad dressing is a product of Nature Zone, which is a nutritional supplement and appetite stimulant.

This product when pouring onto your bearded dragon’s greens will add a fruity flavor for their meal. Moreover, this salad dressing also is the source of antioxidants, carotenoids, calcium and vitamin.

Many bearded dragon keepers prefer to use this product and it really gives back the expected results.

#3 Using “Zoo Med Lizard Flower Food Topper”

This flower food is an all-natural product; these flowers are part of a natural reptile diet. You can add “Zoo Med Lizard Flower Food Topper” at the top of greens or mix with the greens that you feed your bearded dragons.

No additives or dyes, this product is safe and nutritional. It s also adds a great source of fiber, minerals and vitamin for your bearded dragons.