Thursday, March 23

What Is The Best Chicken Waterer? Different Types Of Waterer

Providing water for flock not only as simple as fill up the container, place it in the chicken coop and allow your chicken access whenever they need it. There is one more important thing you have to do is choosing the best chicken waterer.

Some of the best chicken feeders come with water for chicken. However, they are not suitable for large number of chicken. So a chicken waterer is necessary.

Chicken waterers come in a variety of types and materials, for people who are first-time keeping chicken, this might not an easy task. In this post we are going into detail on the different varieties of waterers and their pros and cons.

#1 Chicken nipple waterer

This waterer includes some litter plastic valves, which are attached to a plastic box. Since the water only goes out when the chicken touches the valves, so the advantage of this waterer is that it keeps the water very clean.

Using this waterer, you will need to change the water for at least once per week and more often when the weather gets hot. It also takes less effort of maintenance and you will not daily clean it. This waterer will solve the problem of spills and leakage water.

You will need to train your chicken to use the valves, but not all the chickens can get along with this.

#2 Gravity fill waterer

Gravity fill water is the simplest and common way to provide water for your flock. This waterer is more suitable for the flock with just a few hens.

This traditional waterer needs to be filling up every day. You will need to check it and add water more frequently during the hottest summer days.

#3 Chicken cup waterer

This waterer has the same design as chicken nipple waterer except that it has the cups to hold water instead. There is the valve in the center of the cup that releases water when the chicken toughs it. If your chicken cannot get along with the nipple and this will be the good alternative options.

However, the chicken cups cannot have the advantage as the nipple since it will collect dirt inside. The cups also make the chicken limbered when walking.