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What is the best hedgehog wheel for the money?

Provide your hedgehogs a change to do exercise and being active whenever they want is the best way to keep your pets stay healthy and strong. To encourage movement and provide your hedgehog with adequate exercise even in their cage, the best wheel for hedgehog is essential.

However, you will need to change the wheel for two times a year and even more if your hedgehog like to chew on their wheel. You will not want to spend lots of money on the wheel if you are on a budget. Here are some wheels that are great value for the price that you should consider.

#1 Metal Hedgehog Exercise Wheel By Ware

This hedgehog wheel is made of metal and there is not much metal wheel has the affordable like that. As its metal wheel, it will do the job and durable enough to get your money’s worth. This exercise wheel is made out of chew proof powder coated metal wire. Although made of metal wire, you can rest your mind that it is totally safe for tails and feet of hedgehog.

For the medium size, you just need to spend about $9 for a wheel that have dimensions are 12.5 x 11 x 7. However, I found that the stand of this wheel seems to quite flimsy side and you may have to modify it to ensure your pets do not knock it over.

#2 Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5 Inches

Kaytee Comfort Wheel is the community favorite as it is the best seller wheel for small animal. 8.5 inches wheel is the large models, that you can get with under $10. This is really an affordable price for the quality, safe and reliable product.

Due to the smooth surface, kaytee fomfort wheel is safe and easy to clean as it submersible in water. This wheel is also designed for quiet spinning, it can be easy to adjust if it becomes loud. You can attach itt directly to the wire cage or stand alone.

#3 MOJETTO Comfort Wheel

This exercise wheel of MOJETTO is very affordable and won’t blow open your budget, make it good option if you are on a budget. It is made of solid plastic surface, ensure that your hedgehogs won’t stuck their tails and feet on it and get injure.

This wheel is 8,5 inch and does the job well with the cost of under $13. There is not much wheel that cheaper than this. It includes a stand that can be stand alone but also can be mounted directly to a wire cage. However, the drawback is that it can be a litter noisy.

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