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Should I use Aspen litter for rats?

We all know that pine is cheap, absorbent and odor control material but it is toxic to rats and should be avoided. However, if you are looking for a good alternative to the traditional pine bedding, with all the benefit of pine but totally safe for rats, then Aspen litter is a good choice.

Aspen is considered one of the only best rat litter and other small animals. But it not means that Aspen is perfect litter for rats, it also has some disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of aspen wood shaving that you should consider before purchasing.

#1 The pros of Aspen wood shavings

It is one of the most economical beddings. Besides, Aspen is not the same as pine and cider. It is a hardwood instead a softwood. You can rest your mind that it does not contain the dangerous phenols.

The most favourite factor of aspen is that it is soft and absorbent, which create a comfy bedding that soak up rat’s urine, keep the cage smelling fresh. It is readily available at most pet stores in a range of sizes including large quantities.

#2 The cons of aspen shavings

I suggest aspen bedding for litter pans because it affords many benefits without the hazards of oils. However, there are a few drawbacks to using aspen litter. It can be dusty which can lead to sneezing of your animals.

Not only that, the smaller bits if aspen in the bag can create a cloud of dust when you pour the bedding into the cage. These small pieces are messy that likely to get dragged around your home. If you are get the low-quality Aspen products, the dust problem of them can be a contributing factor when it comes to the development of chronic respiratory disease.

#3 Best brands of aspen shavings

If you want to reduce dust issues of aspen litter, you should go with the high-quality products. “Living World Wood Aspen Shavings” is the most popular selling brands of litter for rats. It is especially great for rats with respiratory and skin sensitivities.

Aspen bedding product of Kaytee is also the quality litter that you should buy If you want to minimize the smaller pieces of bedding. Kaytee if the reliable manufacturer that have been in the pet care industry for more than 150 years. Litter of Kaytee is treated with having been in the pet care industry for more than 150 years to dry, high heat remove residues and moisture.

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