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What are the best glass cages for hamster?

Although clear aquarium-style cages be quite bulky, heavy and cumbersome to move, there are sometimes when you will want to get one. Some owners will love to have a classier, glassier habitat for their pets as well as add a decoration to their home.

Not only that, if you are keeping a hamster (especially smallest breeds of hamsters), who always find the way to escape from their other styles cage, then the glass cage can be the best hamster habitat. The glass cage is also make your hamsters quieter as their no bar for them to chew on.

#1 Pawhut Large Wooden Hamster Cage

This cage is the good idea if you are looking for the big cage for your hamster. It’s overall dimensions are 115 x 60 x 55 cm. It may take your space but you hamster will love to live on this plenty space. With the wooden frame and glass sides, it allows you to fully view your pets while they’re playing.

This cage provides multiple levels and also a shelter place for hamster to hind. It includes a bowl and a seesaw. The drawback is that this is the large cage and it may post a potential danger of falling for the smaller hamster breeds.

#2 Terrarium Kerry Small Pet Terrarium

The all glass structure provides fully visible view of what your pet is doing inside even when they are burrowing under the bedding. The most attractive point of this cage is that it  is incredibly deep, that means you do not need to worry about the bedding material will mess up your room.

The wire mesh top ensure well ventilation and fully access the cage. Not only that, it also includes vventilation grid at the back of the cage for plenty of air circulation

#3 Falco Luxury Small Pet Home

Unlike the two options above, this cage of Falco includes two parts. The bottom part is made of glass for placing extra-think layer of bedding, your hamster will have a chance to burrow deep into the bedding while it also prevents the mess from spilling out the sides.

The upper part is the wire mesh cage. And these two parts is connected by the birch and plywood ramps.

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