Thursday, March 23

Best Aquarium Air Pump: Tetra Whisper Vs Mylivell Quietest Air Pump

When it comes to keeping an aquarium, you will definitely need the right equipment.

There are many things you should consider, especially with multiple air pump products available out there, it is could be tough to choose the best air pump that works for you.

Which air pump is right for your aquarium? And what air pump is the quietest and also deliver enough air to your tank?

In order to answer these questions and help you to find out the best aquarium air pump, this article is going to compare two of the most common and reliable brands of air pump: Tetra whisper and Mylivell quietest air pump.

#1 Noise and vibrations

Both Tetra whisper and Mylivell quietest air pumps are considered to be the best aquarium air pumps, but there are many differences between the two products.

If you are looking for the quietest devices so there is not much air pump that can far superior to Mylivell air pump. This device runs on the piezoelectric systems. That means it does not contain any motor or shaft.

In other words, this air pump is very silent and save energy. It requires only 1,8 watts of power to operate.

Research has shown that just produce only 33 decibels. By seeing the gathering of bubbles at the top of the tank, you can identify if it is working or not.

On the other hand, Terra whisper is not the quietest air pump. It is cannot as quiet as Mylivell air pumps since it is run by a motor. However, Terra whisper has thick motor walls, which help reducing vibration and noise.

#2 Capacity

Mylivell air pump is quite small and lightweight, it is only 4,8 ounces in weight. Due to this size, this pump will work suitable for the small and medium-size tank.

It only offers services for up to 40 gallons tank. This pump works best for a tank that is no more than 500mm in depth.

While the Terre air pump brings a lot of power. It comes in various capacities that you can choose depending on the size of the aquarium you have. Tetra whisper comes in different sizes and capacities from 10 gallons to 100 gallons.

In fact, the 10 gallons model seems to offer too much power for small tank under 5 gallons as betta fish tank. Luckily, it offers a control valve, which able to reduce the flow.

#3 Aeration

Due to its capacity, Mylivell pump may not provide enough the amount of oxygen in the larger tank. This pump has a low air output and so the aeration may not very good for some species of fish.

Tetra air pump is designed to deliver aeration even in the deep water. There are some other air pumps that more expensive than the Tetra air pump but cannot produce as much air as the Tetra whisper.