Tuesday, December 6

What To Look For When Choosing Reptile Fogger?

Reptiles have their own specific requirements for cage dimensions, temperature and even humidity level. If you are a new owner, a reptile fogger or humidifier is absolutely essential accessory for reptile cages.

With the good fog machines, all you need to do are simply fill it with water, adjust the amount of fog will output. This device will release fog that clings to the tank wall and increase the humidity levels.

High humidity levels will keep your reptiles stay healthy ad bring grist to skin shedding process and respiration of them. In this post, we will provide you some tips for choosing the best reptile fogger.

Consideration for choosing a reptile fogger

#1 Capacity

Generally, an almost high capacity reptile fogger will come with a large reservoir tank. If you are keeping the reptiles that require more moisture than others such as geckos, the best reptile fogger is the high capacity one.

You should choose the unit that releases between 150 ml to 400ml per hour is ideal for most reptiles. Moreover, the larger capacity of the tank will run for longer and you will need to refill it less time.

#2 Extra functions

It is much more convenient for you if this fogger can automatically shut off when the water tank is dry or you will need to pay attention to it to avoid burning.

You will want to choose the device that runs silently and super quiet so it will not bother you and your reptiles during the operation.

Different reptiles require different humidity levels and moisture. Therefore, it is essential to choose the ones that contain an adjustable misting setting so you can make sure that your fogger is compatible will all reptiles.

Tips for using reptile foggers

For maintain the proper optimal humidity level in your tank, you should use your reptile fogger will the thermostat or hygrometer

Your reptiles will prefer non-toxic water with a balanced pH level. Due to that, you should use distilled water to fill your fogger. Tap water may not very safe and also contain high calcium.