Thursday, June 8

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush VS Buffing Brush

 I\’ve been meaning to write a comparision post on these two Real Techniques brushes for ages, but somehow never got around to doing it. Today, I found these photos which I took weeks ago, and am finally getting around to talking about the Expert Face Brush and the Buffing Brush from the brand. I thought I\’d do a comparision for all those interested, because I wasn\’t sure whether I needed both and how they compare. I hope this post is helpful!
Let\’s start with the Buffing Brush (SloveniaInternational), which I had first. I got this last year for my birthday in the Core Collection and so I\’ve been using it for almost a year. My thoughts? It was absolutely my favourite brush from the collection, I love it. Ever since I first applied my foundation with this brush, there was no going back for me – I used it every day. It\’s incredibly soft and applies makeup beautifully (I use a mixture of buffing and stippling). You can use it for pretty much any face product – for me, it works with liquid foundation, pressed powder, bronzer and blusher. Haven\’t tried it with a mineral foundation, because I don\’t think it\’s dense enough. The only problem I have is the fact that the hairs tend to get very tangled up – like a knot. It may be because I don\’t wash them as much as I should, or because I use the brush every day. I might have to get a replacement soon. I also just realized you can only get this brush in the Core Collection, which is a real shame as I don\’t like the rest of the brushes from the set nearly as much. The kit costs around 25€.
Next, the Expert Face Brush (SloveniaInternational). This is a relatively new addition, but it has taken me by storm. A much more dense brush, shorter as well and more appropriate for buffing. Again, it can be used for any face product, I find it works the best with liquid foundation, but also really great for pressed powder, blusher, bronzer … Might even work with mineral makeup if you don\’t own a kabuki. No tangles in this one yet, but it does get dirty very fast, which is logical albeit slightly annoying for someone as lazy as I am. Price is around 10€.
How do the two compare? Since I have both, I use the EFB for liquid foundation, and apply pressed poder with BB. I find it gives me a really nice finish. Both are brushes I love, and I would love to have more than one of them, because they\’re basically all I need, face-wise. I would say you can make use of both if you use a few face products, they are very versatile. But if you insist on only getting one, I would say to pick the Expert Face Brush, because it\’s better value as you can buy it by itself, and it\’s better at applying liquid foundation, which I think most of us use!
What is your favourite makeup brush?