Saturday, January 28

How Important Is Leopard Gecko UV Light?

Leopard geckos are one of the most popular lizards to keep as pets today. There is a judgment that leopard geckos are active at night, so they do not need any amount of UV light and an only heat lamp is enough for leopard geckos lighting system. However, this judgment has been come up against divergent opinions. They definitely need the best UVB light for leopard gecko.

What is UV light?

Leopard gecko UV light contains UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are light rays, which help leopard geckos can see things. UVA is very important for reptile vision. Moreover, UVA lighting also necessary for leopard gecko can regulate their internal clocks, let them know when to sleep or must be awake, maintain the day and night cycle for your pets.

Leopard gecko UVB light can help them improve the immune systems. UVB rays are used for synthesizing vitamin D3, which helps reptile promote healthy bone growth.

Do leopard geckos need UVB?

There is a misconception about leopard geckos that they are nocturnal. But the fact that they are crepuscular, that mean they active at twilight and dusk.

In their natural habitat, they wake up and bask in just a few hours before sunrise. But this time is enough for leopard gecko absorbing all the UV light that they will need.

In the enclosure, there are many synthetic supplements that can help your geckos get vitamin D3. These supplements play the role of UVB light, which helps a leopard maintain healthy bones, skin and improve immune systems.

They just need heat lamps only to live for a long time without UV light. This is the reason why leopard gecko UVB is not absolutely necessary; they do not really need UVB bulb.

However, if you concerned if your geckos getting enough vitamin D3 or not, you should provide them a UVB bulb. And also do not forget to give them the shelter place to hind away. This will ensure that your leopard geckos do not feel overly stressed by the lighting.

It is recommended to use A T5 or T8 UVB of 5-6%, this will prove sufficient  UVB light for leopard geckos. In case if you are keeping albino leopard geckos, using the UVB light bulb of 2% will be better.