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Choosing an ideal snake pet

Snakes are awesome creatures and with proper handling, they become awesome pets. Be that as it may, snakes are clearly not meant for everybody. They have exceptional necessities and should only by those prepared to give them the special care they require. In the event that you are new to pet snakes, discover what you ought to consider before settling on one and what snake categories are the best snakes for novices.

Interesting points to note Before Choosing a Snake as a Pet

Snake pets are long time commitments because some of them could live to be 20 years.
You should be prepared to feed your snake live prey, although pre-killed and frozen prey are ideal choices. Also be ready to devote a section of your freezer to storing frozen food for your snake.
Snakes are renowned for escaping whenever they have the chance so secure their cages properly. Snakes are persistent when it comes to finding small gaps and squeezing through them.
As beautiful as they may seem, venomous and large snakes should not be kept as pets because of their safety concerns.
Obtain a captivity red snake from a respectable breeder if you can. Snakes gotten from the wild are more difficult to tame, prone to diseases and parasites and are more stressed.

General Pet Snake Information for Beginners

Feeding Snakes: Pre-Killed versus Live Prey – Ideally, feeding your snake pre-killed prey is advised since a live prey could injure the snake in self-defense, it is less stressful to keep a supply of dead prey in your freezer for your snake’s feeding.
How to Provide a Thermal Gradient – All snakes should have the capacity to manage their body temperature by moving hot and cool areas. Provide a gradient and ensure the warm area of the tank is sufficiently warm to suit your snake’s health and also help them digest their meals.
Signs a Snake is About to Shed – There are some genuinely basic signs that a snake will soon shed its skin and to an amateur, it may not be easily to notice. Learn to know what to look out for so you’re not caught off guard

How Can I Tell if My Snake is a Male or Female?

Do you research properly so you can easily identify a male snake and a female snake.

How to Find an Escaped Pet – If your snake happens to be an expert in escaping, there are several ways that you can track them down. Bear in mind that they will likely head to an enclosed and warm area.
Constricting Snakes – Pythons, boas and other large snakes are pretty strong so be sure you have enough information on handling them.
Irrespective of the breed you end up with, a new snake owner ought to be acquainted with their behavioral characteristics, feeding, proper care and the commitment required to keep the snake.