Saturday, January 28

Things you need to know about chicken guard automatic coop door opener

Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to let your chickens out or be a worry whenever you forgot to lock their coop or have to go away for the evening, you should buy the chicken guard automatic door opener.

Chicken guard automatic coop door opener has been around for a few years now end being essential equipment to every chicken keepers. But if you have ever had this device and there are many questions come to your mind, follow our article below.

What is chicken guard automatic coop door opener?

There are so many types and brands of the guard are available, some are simple, some are high tech. But basically, this is the device that helps you to open and closes your chicken coop door automatically due to its timer or light sensor (or both).

The guard may come with the control box and the door but there are also many manufacturers just sell the box only, and the door can be sold separately. If you had made the door on your own, then you just need to buy the control box. But if you are not, buying “all in one” device will save you more cost.

What features should the guard automatic coop door opener have?

Ease to install and operation; do not have complicated wiring or cabling.

High durable, work well during any severe weather spells, predator-proof, never rust or warp.

Do not use the gravity-based closing mechanism, closing gently with around 30 seconds.

Chickens and some rodents cannot damage the wire.

Adjust timer or light sensitivity for the control box.

Long time manufacturer warranty and good customer service.

Different sources of automatic chicken doors

The best chicken coop door opener offers 4 types of power sources are: mains electric, batteries, solar and a combination of three types above.

Not everyone has power supplies near the chicken coops and there is also a risk of power outages when using electrics. Instead, battery power seems to be more useful since it is constant and reliable, prevent outages. The only down point is that you should replace the battery before 6-9 months of use.

The solar power can be used in the areas that the days and nights do not balance. The all in one device is always better.