Friday, October 7

Is Mercury vapor UVB bulb good for tortoises?

While other lighting requirements of a tortoise setup be bought separating in the form of UVB, daylight and heat light, Mercury vapor UVB bulb has everything covered in one. It features all the heat, light and UVB output needed by your tortoise.

There has been manufacturing problems with Mercury vapor bulb in the past. These defectives mercury vapor bulbs emitted abnormally short wavelength UVB. This is why many tortoise owners concerned to use this bulb for tortoises. However, several well-known, reliable brands of mercury vapor bulbs are on the market today remove these defectives mercury vapor bulbs. And if you are looking for the best UVB bulb for tortoises, you should consider Mercury vapor UVB bulb.

#1 Advantages of Mercury vapor UVB bulb

Mercury vapor UVB bulb provides heat, daylight, UVA, and UVB light all in one lamp. If you want to simple your tortoise’s lighting setup or if you don’t have a lot of room in tortoise terrarium, then mercury vapor is an excellent choice.

Today mercury vapor bulbs also come down in price than they are in the past. They’re actually a less-expensive way to light up your turtle’s world than using separate bulb. These bulbs are superb for those keeping their tortoise in a open-topped environment like a tortoise table.

#2 Disadvantages of mercury vapor UVB bulb

The main disadvantage that makes you should use UVB mercury vapor basking lights with caution is that their wavelengths are typically shorter than sunlight and increased the risk of an eye problem. Due to that, you will need to place them high enough so the UV doesn’t damage your tortoises. The minimum recommended distance is at least 12 inches (30cm) between the bulb and your pets.

The second down sides of mercury vapor bulbs is that they use a lot more electricity than halogen basking lights and fluorescent UVB lamps. They will use about twice time as much electricity as other bulbs

#3 Wattage of mercury vapor bulbs

Mercury vapor bulbs have high wattage, it is about 100-275w. That means they will emit heat and become very hot. So, mercury vapor bulb should not be used in very small enclosure or it may overheat your tortoises. Besides, double check and ensure that your light fixture takes the high wattage of your mercury vapor bulbs.