Thursday, June 8

What are the best snake terrarium brands?

Snakes are great pets as they are interesting and exciting to own. However, when it comes to housing a snake, the first step is considering the type of terrarium that’s best for it. There are lots of aspect to look for such as consider the type of terrarium that’s best for.

Instead of consider each of them, it is more easier to rely on and put your faith in one of the reliable brands. Here are some brands of snake terrariums that will think will provide the best snake terrarium.

#1 Exo Terra Snake Terrariums

Exo Terra can be considered as one of the most well known reptile enclosure manufacturers in industry. Exo Terra was known as not only snake terrariums but also other snake products such as food, substrate, heating and lighting fixture, etc. Exo Terra is a company that is dedicated to making some of the best snake terrariums out there that you can trust on.

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is my top choice to house snake. Exo Terra glass terrariums are designed by European herpetologists and are suited perfectly to the needs of reptiles and amphibians. If you are looking for the terrarium that allow you to mimic the snake’s natural environment, then do not look over this product. They can be made into everything from a simulated desert habitat to a tropical paradise. The premium materials used in the construction is what make it the safest terrarium to use

#2 Reptizoo snake terrarium

Reptizoo is another popular brand that manufacturers some of the best snake terrariums and other snake products as well. Repti Zoo terrariums are actually very similar to Exo Terra, in terms of quality and price. Therefore, it’s hard to say which brand is more prominent.

Repti Zoo enclosures are also very easy to assemble and are made from similarly high quality materials. However, the only drawback of Reptizoo over Exo terra is about sizes. Exo Terra has a wide of different sizes, while Rept Zoo’s options are clearly very limited.

#3 Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium

Carolina Custom Cages is less common brans than these two above. However, if you are looking for an extravagant snake vivarium that looks more like a piece of art, then Carolina Custom Cages is what you should go with. They make unique and stunning snake tetarrium that are built with integrity.

One more advantage of Carolina Custom Cages is that they provide larger sizes than these two brands above. Carolina Custom Cages terrariums are made of strong glass and metal with extremely high quality.