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Why should you use hemp litter for rats?

Hemp bedding is made from shredding the stalks of hemp plants, which produces natural and highly absorbent bedding. Thus, if you are worried about the formation of mold and mildew on litter materials, you should consider to buy hemp litter.

Hemp offers several unique benefits that make this the best rat litter. This has become popular recently, as an all-natural alternative to wood-shavings. Hemp is as it less dusty and does not mess up your room. Here are some reasons that make hemp is my favorite litter for rats.

#1 Absorbance

Hemp is able to absorb a truly amazing amount of moisture for its size. Basically, hemp can absorb up to four times its weight in moisture. This effective absorbance allows your rat’s cage to remain dry for longer and cleaner than if you had been using traditional straw or wood shavings. Due to that hemp will absorb rat’s urine and reduce odor inside the cage.

This level of absorbance also reduces potential for mold growth. Mold spores are irritants, much like dust particles. And mold can also cause much more serious respiratory illnesses than dust. Mold not only can irritate your rat’s delicate lungs and cause illness, but also smells bad.

#2 Rat does not tent to eat hemp

Many rat owners worry about the problem that your rat eat their litter or bedding. It can lead impaction if your pets eat unsafe bedding. However, rats don’t generally like or seek out the hemp fibers used in this bedding. This makes hemp bedding safer for your rat’s gastrointestinal tract.

#3 Low dust

One issue with wood flakes of any kind is that shavings tend to grip onto carpet, socks, and fabric Hemp is also a low dust bedding making it ideal for rats with respiratory issues. The biggest problem with wood shavings is that they tend to grip onto carpet, socks, and fabric and mess up your room.

But it will not happen if you use hemp. Some hemp bedding products are also hypoallergenic.

However, A few rats might be allergic to hemp so start with a small bag and try it. Also try different brands since sometimes one brand is less dusty or nicer.

#4 Hemp is biodegradable

As mention below, Hemp litter is made from shredding the stalks of hemp plants. That means it is 100% natural and can be used as an organic compost material and is completely safe to recycle as fertilizer.

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