Monday, June 27

Best rat bedding: Is fleece bedding good for rat?

With so many different choices, it can be hard to make a decision for the <best rat bedding. But many rat owners use fleece blankets or materials to use as liners and bedding in their rat cages. So is fleece bedding good for rat?

This post will provide you basic information, the pros and cons of fleece bedding to help you get the best choice.

#1 Why you should use fleece bedding for rats?

Fleece is the popular fabric that has the benefit of being safe as <bedding for rats. Fleece is soft, comfortable, cozy and it looks great too. If you are worry about the dust from pine or aspen shaving bedding, which can cause allergies, upper respiratory problems for your pets, then fleece will be the solution for this. Fleece cuts down on the dust, it is also soft for rats to walk and lay on.

Another impressive factor about fleece is that since it seems to be more costly than other types of bedding but the true is it saves you money because it’s reusable. Washing it for next time uses.

Apart from this, Fleece bedding available come in a variety of colors and patterns that make the cage look nice. It also reduces the chances to harbor mites.

#2 Disadvantages of using fleece bedding

You also have to carefully choose the fleece bedding since some low quality product may come with loose threads or small fiber sticking out. The toes of your rats may get entangled with loose threads and cause injuries.

This bedding also cannot be use in the litter box of rats. Fleece is made from polyethylene, so that it is not good at absorb urine and also cannot control odor very well.

#3 Maintenance of Fleece

Although fleece is reusable but it must be changed once every few days to a week. You should use scent free liquid laundry detergent when washing the fleece blankets because strong smells can make your rats uncomfortable.

If the fleece still has a urine smell after washing you can use the mixture of distilled white vinegar and detergent to reduce the urine smell if detergent and washing doesn’t work.