Thursday, September 21

Best Nano Protein Skimmer: Tunze Nano Skimmer Or Eshopps Nano Skimmer

Having the best nano protein skimmer is a big step to keep the water clean and your nano aquarium thrives. The protein skimmer is often considered as the easiest way to remove organic pollutants from your aquarium.

In comparison with a standard skimmer, nano protein skimmers are fewer products, there are fewer options available. The following is our comparison between two nano skimmer from trustworthy manufacturers: Tunze Nano skimmer and Eshopps Nano skimmer.

#1 Overall

Tunze Nano protein is one of the smallest skimmers. It is clean your aquarium water and also take up less space. If you are looking for an extremely high-quality nano skimmer without takes lots of space then this is can be an ideal option.

Almost the crucial parts are inside the body with the purpose of saving space.

Eshopps nano is quite small at 5x2x4 inches; so you can install it in plenty of places. It is designed also can fit in the back filter chambers or in your sump. It is made of acrylic, what make it think and durable.

#2 Power and efficiency

Both of these products deserve to be the best protein skimmers, but they still have some power and efficiency differences.

Tunze Nano protein skimmer is an effective skimmer for the tanks from 10 to 65 gallons. It uses Flash-Skimming technique, which helps it runs quietly and efficiently.

When it comes to the ability to clean the tank, Tunze Nano is absolutely head and shoulders above other products. This skimmer offers the tank efficient foam production. You will have a moderate amount of foam; it will not create too much foam.

Moreover, Tunze Nano also contains skimming water surface features. It will remove the organic materials even on the top of the tank water.

Eshopps Nano is the compact device that mad for up to 35 gallons sized tank. It comes with a high-quality Sicce pump. This pump also delivers better energy efficiency, saves you cost and you will not need to concern about increasing the energy bill.

#3 Install

The installation system of Tunze Nano is versatile; it comes with magnet systems, which allow you to install it for many placements in the tank.

It might take you a bit of adjusting and tinkering at firs, but Eshopps Nano comes with an easy to understand manual. It also includes a magnet to attach the skimmer, but this magnet is not really strong.