Thursday, June 8

Best leopard gecko substrate: Carolina Reptile Carpet VS. Reptile prime Leopard gecko bedding

The best leopard gecko substrate can greatly support their life in an enclosure, but the wrong substrate, however, can lead to a bad effect on your leopard gecko’s well being. This choice is not always easy, especially for beginners.

It extremely is important to consider some factors of the substrate of making decisions. We recommend to you two leopard substrates: Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Carpet VS. Reptile Prime Leopard gecko bedding.

These two products are two of the most common substrate for leopard geckos that you should look over.

#1 Safety

Safety is obviously the most important factor in the best substrate. Generally, reptile carpet is the safest bedding for leopard gecko since there is relatively no chance that your geckos will eat the carpet and end up with impaction. It greatly reduces the chance when compared to lose bedding.

There is only one risk from this Carolina carpet is the leopard gecko’s claws could be possible to snag on the carpet. Because the carpet can get worn after a long time of use and you will need to replace it.

Reptile Prime substrate is made from 100% organic coconut fiber that means it is the compostable option.

Because it is made of coconut fiber, so there is also the risk of ingestion from this substrate. However, it is non-toxic and can be digested, so it is less likely to cause impaction for your pets.

#2 Highly absorbent and odors control

Generally, the substrate that good at absorbs can also have the ability to control odors. Leopard geckos require certain humidity levels, this level even can increase when they are in the shedding process. Therefore, it is better to provide your leopard gecko with the bedding that has superior Humidity retention capabilities.

Reptile Prime can use for both dry and damp habitats. It is absorbent enough to maintain humidity level and handle spills and the daily bodily fluids of your leopard geckos. The naturally absorbs also lead to the ability of breaks down odors.

Carolina carpet does not retain moisture for a long time; it is also not great at control ordos. You will need to mist the cage to ensure your leopard gecko has enough amount of moisture that they need.