Monday, June 27

Does homemade horse fly repellent for humans really effective?

Some horses owners prefer to make their own horse fly repellent for humans. An Internet search will reveal a variety of homemade fly repellents using the ingredients that can easy find in your kitchen room.

While the commercial <horse fly spray are sold out there may contain chemicals that harm your health, using common household ingredients to create a fly spray is the great way to ensure it is safe for both you and your horses. However, many horse owners still doubt about the effectiveness of homemade horse fly.

#1 What make the effectiveness of homemade horse fly repellent?

The effectiveness of homemade fly sprays will depend on how you use it. Even you create the <best horse fly repellent for humans, you cannot use it once a day and expect it to work effectively. The true is mixture homemade is safer but cannot last as long as manufactured fly repellents.

Depends on the mixture that your create, you will need to spray it again for about once per hour to get the best result. Fly sprays made with essential oils will repel flies, not kill them on contact.

Not only that, you have to ensure that you spray all the coat of the horses and your body, not shot into the air.

One more thing to note, although essential oils can be effective for repelling insects, the key to successfully create the horse fly repellent is mix it with the proper base. Because the water will add nothing to the effectiveness, so the liquid base such as white vinegar, dish soap, hair conditioner for humans, etc are important and determine the effectiveness of your homemade horse fly repellent.

#2 Noticeable things about homemade fly repellents

Whether you use commercial and homemade fly spray products, you should watch out for allergic reactions. You and your horses may be sensitive to the ingredients that contained in fly spray.

If you get any reactions such as rash, hives or discomfort after using these products, this may be the signal of allergic. Stop using it immediately.

If there are any ingredients in your homemade repellents recipe are not natural oils. It is better to take advice from veterinarian.

In addition to create the fly spray for humans, there is also one way to get rid of fly that is add fresh or powdered garlic to a horse’s grain or add vinegar to their drinking water with the small amount.