Friday, October 7

Best HOB Filter: AquaClear 70 Vs. Fluval C4

HOB means hang on back aquarium filters is one of the most commonly used filters. It has a reasonable price, availability and efficiency. And if you’ve been keeping fish, so you’ve heard of Aquaclear and Fluval.

Aquaclear and Fluval are both known as the most reliable brands in the market of fish tank filters. In this post we are going to compare AquaClear 70 and Fluval C4 filter in order to find what is the best HOB filter.

#1 Design

Although AquaClear is HOB filter, it is a buttom up design that is similar to canister filters. The water goes up from the bottom of the tank from the filter. It will ensure that all the water passes through the filter media.

AquaClear 670 is a part of Hagen’s AquaClear, it is designed to offer services for 70 gallons sized tank. However, to get the best efficiency, you are recommended to use it for 50 gallons tank too.

Fluval C4 filter contains a modular media compartment, which allows you to remove and clean each part of it at a time. This designed to make it can contain much more filtration media than other HOB filters.

Fluval C4 filter is the biggest version in C- Fluval filter. C4 can work for the tank that contains from 40 to 70 gallons.

#2 Filtration system

Both AquaClear 670 and Fluval C4 filters are considered the best fish tank filters because they have good filtration systems.

A large compartment is the outstanding point of both Aquaclean 40 and the Fluval C4 filter. Aquaclear 70 comes with some filter media are aquaClear Form, Activated Carbon, BioMax and Cycle Guard.

These filter media offer the water 3 stages of filtration: mechanical, chemical and biological.

Fluval C4 provides 5stage of filtration include two mechanical, one chemical and two biological, which make cleaning and scrubbing really effective.

#3 Flow rate

Luckily, both Aquaclear 70 and Flucal C4 come with the features of flow rate control, which allow you to regular and reduce the flow rate without affecting the effectiveness of the filter.

Both of them allow the users to reduce flow in the tank by up to 50%. The slower flow rate means that the longer time for the water to go through the filter media, and due to this, the water quality will be increased.

The drawback that sometimes there are flow problems that can appear in AquaClear filters. But this problem can be solved by a thorough cleaning.