Monday, June 27

What are different types of best hedgehog cage?

There are lots of cages are sold on the market, before you bring your new hedgehogs home, make sure that their new cage will make them feel such real home while inside.

In order to help you choose the <best hedgehog cage what you suit well, here we want to compare and show you some information about all types of housing for hedgehogs.

#1 Wire hedgehog cages

An upper wire-based cage with plastic based bottom constructed is the most common type of commercial cage. You can easy fine this type of cage at any market or pet stores. The benefits of wire cages are they easy to set up, clean, and have well designed ventilated as well.

Aside from that, these cages also come with solid tray as a base allows you to add the substrate for hedgehogs to burrow under. However, the disadvantage of these wire cages is that they can be more costly than other. One more problem can occur if the wire spacing is too large, your pets can escape or chew.

#2 Playpen hedgehog cages

You can use the playpens as the alternative for a <hedgehog enclosure. They usually comes with bright color, some of them also include exercise wheel, toys and other accessories.

The outstanding point of this cage is that it is lightweight, flexible and versatile so that you can carry and use it anywhere. It also does not take much of space. However, the drawback that this cage should not the best cage for long term use since it does not really durable, stable and secure.

#3 Aquarium hedgehog cages

This is another famous style of hedgehog cage. It is made of the wire mesh top and the glass material bottom. The aquarium cage has aesthetic attractive and allows you to easy see your hedgehogs inside. You also do not need to worry about your hedgehogs get stick into the wire bar.

However, the aquarium is usually more expensive, heavier and smaller than other cages. You also have to ensure that it has proper ventilation because glass is tight air proof.

#4 DIY cage

Some hedgehog owners prefer to make their own cage for pets. You can use the cardboard or plastic containers to make the DIY hedgehog owners. They are much more cheaper or even free. These cages also environment-friendly since you are reusing materials.

Another way to make DIY cage for hedgehogs is use he C&C cages. These cage is lightweight and easy to carry around. But they will require time and effort to build.