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What type of wood is best hamster chew?

Chewing is an important part of a hamster’s overall well-being. It helps to keep hamster teeth ground down to a safe length, eases boredom. It’s critical to the health of your hamsters to provide them with best hamster chew. However, not all chew toys are the greatest for these animals.

Especially if you want to give them wooden toys. You need to carefully select wood for your hamster to chew on. Ensure that the wood you give them is hamster-safe, and non-toxic for your pets.

#1 Wooden chew sticks products

Most pet stores offer a variety of chew sticks designed for hamster consumption. These chew sticks are the ideal chew toys for your hamster as they are free of dangerous chemicals and additives, these products generally are made out of balsa wood or pre-cut twigs,

Besides, wooden chew sticks are cheap and come in bundles, which make them the easiest solution for providing your hamster with a safe chew toy. If you worry about the quality of products, you should check on the manufacturer or check a holistic pet store for organic chew sticks.

#2 Natural woods safe for hamster

If you want to give your hamster a more natural gnawing experience, you also can give home some freshly cut wood from your backyard garden. Small twigs from fruit trees are an excellent option. Hamsters often prefer to chew wooden sticks that are made of apple or pear wood.

However, you have to carefully choose the freshly cut wood for your pets. Avoid any trees that have been treated with pesticides or chemicals. These trees can cause serious health problems for your hamster.

#3 Unsafe wood

Avoid woods that contain naturally-occurring oils that can cause respiratory upset in hamsters, such as cedar. Poisonous trees, such as the yew and oleander, also are unsafe for consumption. Moreover, any wood from tree that has been treated chemically also bad for hamster’s health. Never pick up sticks from the yard, especially dead wood as they could carry parasites.

When choosing wooden chew toys for hamster, carefully check the label to ensure that they are unpainted and untreated. Chew toys that made in China also may contain toxic chemicals that could kill your hamster and should be advoided.

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