Thursday, June 8

What are the best plastic cage for hamster?

The best hamster cage will make the different between a healthy happy hamster and having a stressed-out hamster, who always want to escape from the cage. There are some popular types of hamster cage available on the market are wire, plastic, and glass habitats. It is important to choose the right type that suit your hamster, your need and also the climate.

If you are living in the cooler climate area, I would like to recommended plastic hamster cage. This type of cage will help against dangerous draughts. It also provides clearly view for the hamster inside. Plastic cage is the ideal cage for a children’s pet hamster as it usually com in many brightly colors.

#1 Ferplast Plastic Cage for Hamsters Duna FUN Three-Storey Cage

The Duna Fun Hamster Cage from ferplast can be not a cute home but large enclosure for  hamster. It measure 55 x 39 x 37.5 centimetres. It provides plenty room for hamster to exercise, to get digging and playing. Not only that, it features three levels connected by a ladder, which will increase the space inside.

Due to the large room, you can add many accessories and create an entire playground for your pet. Besides, it includes a wheel and a hamster tube set, which will keep hamster entertained in their cage. There are also a food bowl, nesting shelter and water bottle comes with the cage, that means it offers all you need to create a completely habitat for hamster.

This cage is made from chew-proof plastic base and cover with the mesh sides and wire mesh roof. The transparent cover allows you to visibly see your pet. Mesh sides and roof provide well ventilation for the whole cage. The wire mesh top also can be completely lifted and closed so you can easy access the cage. All the part of the cage can be take apart for easy cleaning as they are connected by the side clips.

#2 CHEERWEPET Acrylic hamster rats kittens playhouse

The first impression about this cage is its cool visual. CHEERWEPET Acrylic hamster cage is two stories, fully transparent cage, what provide a clearly view to see your pet and also make a unique decor for your house.

The only drawback I see here is about the dimensions. The cage seems to ideal for only dwarf hamsters. It may too small for a Syrian hamster. Syrian would probably not feel comfortable in 13.8 x 9.8 inches cage. This is what you should consider before buying.

What I like most about this cage is that it provides many interesting features that keep your hamster busy in the cage and never get bored. The cage includes a running wheel, a wooden seesaw, a large wooden swing. These toys will help hamster always be active in the cage.

Apart from the toys, there are two food containers and a kettle comes with this cage. With so many features, you do not need to purchase on any hamster accessories.

However, it might a little complicate for you to assemble this cage with so many items. But it will be fine as long as you follow the instructions manual with a lot of images.

#3 Ferplast Mini Duna Space Mouse and Dwarf Hamster Cage

This is the more affordable option compare with the two previous options on this list. It is ideal for children who want to keep a pet hamster. This habitat for hamsters will attract the children due to its wonderful birght color. It is designed to simulate the enchanted world of fairies. It also comes with stickers, which allow you to décor it as you want. This cage for hamsters is made of solid plastic. It is contracted of the colorful plastic base and the transparent roof, complete with painted wire mesh grille for well ventilation.

The wire mesh top can be opened or closed for easy access the cage, cleaning and feeding. This cage also ensurex the safety of hamster and prevent them from escaping due to two little rotating clips on the top part of the roof.

This cage includes a plastic food bowl, a water bottle and a wheel, a small hidden place and other decoration. The deep base is spacious and allow you to add a thick layer of litter and sawdust, so your pet can dig and burrow on it.