Saturday, January 28

Where you should place gerbil enclosure habitat?

The best way to mimic the natural habitat of gerbil and keep them happy is to house them in a best gerbil habitat and place it in the right placement with ideal temperature range.

All gerbil owners must know that gerbil cage should be placed in a comfortable, dry, draught-free, clean place to live, in a quiet place where they can rest undisturbed. These are just some basic thing, and this post will go in the detail about positioning the gerbil cage.

#1 Avoid placing the cage in direct sunlight and near windows

The direct sunlight from windows will go through the glass of aquarium cages and overheat your gerbils. In the wild, gerbils live in underground tunnels up to 3m long, that means they do not need lots of heat to keep warm. Overheating can cause heatstroke in your gerbils.

Instead, to mimic their natural habitat, you should place your gerbil’s cage in a cool part of the house. It is even better if you provide them a sport that receives indirect sunlight, so that they can regulate their temperature if they want.

#2 Avoid draughty condition of air vents

Do not place the gerbil cage in front of or underneath air vents. Also, place the cage further away from an air conditioning unit. If the temperature ever hits a low of around 55 degrees, then it’s just too cold for your gerbil. Never allow your gerbil to be in such a cold environment.

#3 Avoid generate ultrasound items

Any items in the home which can generate ultrasound can disturb your gerbils and make them stress. Television sets, computer screens, vacuum cleaners or sources of running water is some device that can generate ultrasound. This is because gerbils communicate with others by using ultrasonic frequencies so they are very sensitive to some sounds that we cannot hear.

Gerbils also have an excellent sense of hearing and smell. So, you should place their cage in a quiet room. Avoid placing their cage in the room with lots of sound such as children’s bedrooms, family rooms, kitchens, and hallways.

#4 Place the cage on the shelf

You should place the gerbil cage higher from the ground on a table or shelf as it is a good way to protect your gerbil from home pets like dog and cat. However, also ensure that the structure of the table or shelf that your place the cage on is sturdy. This also keep the gerbil cage away from damp floor.