Friday, October 7

Mealworms Vs. Crickets What Is The Best Food For Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons make the ideal pets for beginners since they are easy to care for, and do not require any complicated thing to live in the enclosure.

Bearded dragons are not fussy eaters; they are omnivores so they can eat vegetables, fruits, and insects.

Mealworms and crickets are two feeder insects that most popular in the bearded dragons keeper community. This post will be going over the differences between the two in order to figure what is the best food for bearded dragons.

#1 Protein

All the food will contain a certain level of degree of nutrients. One of them is protein, which correlates directly with the growth rates of your bearded dragons.

In other words, the foods that contain more protein are usually better to feed. Mealworm has medium levels of protein is 20%, meanwhile, cricket contains about 22% of protein. When it comes to protein, cricket seems to be better than mealworms.

#2 Fat

Fat is the compound that should be contained at a low level in food for bearded dragons. It is just should be fed in some special cases such as when the bearded dragon at the younger age or breeding.

Too much amount of fat can lead to the risk of fatty liver disease obesity and other health problem for an adult bearded dragon. Mealworms contain a double amount of fat compared to cricket. Mealworm is 12% and cricket is 6%.

#3 Feeding

Mealworm is the larvae of darkling beetle. They are quite, slow and natural what makes them become ideal food for your bearded dragons.

However, mealworms have a rough outer skeleton, the baby bearded dragons will get hard to digest them. Mealworm even can lead to the risk of dangerous intestinal blockage for the baby bearded dragons if you feed them to much.

Cricket is better to feed the baby. However, cricket is very noisy and easy to escape. If they are escaped, they can be disturbing and bother you.

Note: You should not feed bearded dragon directly on the substrate but put mealworm or cricket into the food dish. Some types of substrates affect their digestive system. You should also choose the best substrate for bearded dragons with those that do not affect the digestive system too much if your pet eats.