Thursday, June 8

How often to clean a canister filter for 75 gallon aquarium?

A canister filter is recommeded to use for 75 gallons aquarium as it has a larger body than most other filter that allows the filter to hold extra media and power enough to filter 75 gallon tank and more. A canister filter ensure that all the impurities and debris that are not needed in the water are removed.

However, even the best filter for 75 gallon aquarium needs to be cleaned as well. Canister filters are susceptible to clogging. If you want your fish and other aquarium animals live in a safe, clean enviroment, It is essential to create your canister filter maintenance schedule.

#1 What are the signs that you should clean your canister?

Actually, there are no exactly time when you need to clean your canister filter as the canister filters are different. For example, fluval filter will require more frequently to clean than a Eheim canister filter. Not only that, small tank also need to be cleaned more time than larger one. 75 gallons tank will clean for longer than 30 gallons tank.

However, there are some things will tell you when is your time to clean your canister filter. Here are some signs that you should clean your canister:

When you detect bed odor from your aquarium water or it is become cloudy.

You have high levels of nitrate in your aquarium.

You can easy see much of debris and other solid particles are float in the water.

Your canister filter is clogged.

#2 How often should you change canister filter media for 75 gallons tank

Changing filter media also means that you will remove some essential bacterial from your tank, so you should not change all your media at once. 75 gallons tank does not require to maintain much frequently. How often to change the filter media depends on the types of media.

Ceramic media will not require changing for a long time, it can run for up to several years without need to be change. However, the sponge and floss filters will catch debirs and need to be changed more frequently. You can cut the sponge filters into half and replace one half and the other half after a week or so.

Chemical filter will nee to be change if you use carbon-filled bags for your filter. Carbon is only effective for a few weeks, and then you need to replace the cartridges. But if itnot contain carbon, you can replace it when you notice some odor or cloudy appearance in your aquarium water.