Thursday, March 23

Why you should use metal wire dog cage for puppies?

Once you decide starting out with a new puppy, the best dog cage for puppies will be an essential purchase that can serve multiple purpose. It can either be made of metal, wire mesh, plastic, or fabric. I’ve used and owned most all these types of puppy cages.

But if someone ask me which type do I prefer the most for my puppies, then I will be pleased to answer that it is wire cage. Although they are come with a few disadvantages, wire cages are helpful for a variety of reasons. You will likely find that they instantly make it easier to care for y our puppies.

#1 Easily stored

In the case if you want to move the cage and carry it with you or if you decide you do not want to use the cage anymore you might need to disassemble and store your cage. Wire cages are collapsible that means they are easy to flatten and carry with you. Most cages can be disassembled to some degree, but not all types of cages are collapsible.

The plastic cages I’ve owned can be made into two half shells that you can take them apart for storage  but they still take up more space then the wire crates. This doesn’t really save you much space.


#2 Visibility

In the wire cages, your pup can see everything going on around him  and you also can observe youe dog all the time, interact with him. If your pet like the cage is more dark and den-like, then you can throw a blanket over the top to cover it so he can’t see out, which can be good for quiet time. The cage will become dark, cozy, snig place for your puppy to hind inside.

Unfortunately, you do not have this options with a plastic, fabric, and wooden molded cage since they are mostly all closed up with limited visibility for your puppy.

#3 Dividers

Not all but most wire cage will come with a metal divider, which allow you to adjust the size of the cage. That means it allows you to either increase or decrease the inside space. In this way, puppy owners do not need to buy another cage when your puppy grows into a big dog. It is a good long term investment and help you save your money.

Besides, It is even more helpful for reducing the size of a puppy’s cage. By this way, you can buy a larger or smaller cage than your puppies need and then adjust it.

#4 Removeable litter tray

Many wire cages come with a plastic tray that is easy to slide in and out. If your puppies go to toilet in their cage, you can easily slide the tray out and clean up. In the case if your puppies spill their water dish, the removeable tray also come to handle.