Thursday, June 8

Best betta tanks: Marina LED Aquarium Kit VS. EcoQube Aquarium

he radiant beauty, vivid colors, low-maintenance, and general awesomeness of Betta fish make them perfect to keep as pets in the aquarium. However, there are a few things you will need to keep your eye out for when decides to keep Betta fish. One of these things is the best betta tank.

Generally, the right tank with the proper conditions will create a healthy environment for the growth of Betta.

In order to help you figure out what is the best tank for your fish, this post below will go into details of two Betta fish tanks: Marina LED Aquarium Kit VS. EcoQube Aquarium.

#1 Tank size

Many people believe that Betta fish do not need much room to live in. They prefer to keep them in tiny bowls or tanks. However, the truth is that Betta fish should not be kept in less than 5 gallons tank size. And that’s why you should learn about the best aquarium starter kits.

Marina LED aquarium kit is available in 10 and 20 gallons sizes. It is always better if you can give your Betta a large tank like this. Especially if you want to keep them with the other fish since one of the special characteristics of Betta fish is a territorial dispute.

However, if you have limited space and you are looking for the small and convenient sized tank so that you can place it on a table or your office desk, you can choose the EcoQube tank instead.

EcoQube is about 2 gallons in size; this size is relatively small for a betta, but you also can put him in this tank if you give him frequent cleaning and filtration.

#2 Filtration

It is obvious that the filter is the key to maintaining your aquarium. Ideally, the tank should come with a filter built-in. Marina tank offers a Marina Slim S15 clip-on filter with quick-change filter cartridges. The filter comes with a sponge, which will protect your Betta fish from getting sucked in.

EcoQube Betta tank includes an aquaponics filter. It does a great job at remove all the fish waste, create a clean self-sustained ecosystem.

#3 What is in the kit?

If you are a beginner, you may expect to get an all-in-one aquarium kit, so that you will get all the equipment you need to set up your Betta tank. Marina kits come with Led lighting system, fish food, Aqua Plus Water Conditioner, Cycle Biological Supplement, fishnet, thermometer.

EcoQube also offers everything you need to get started, includes aquaponics filter, sand decoration, mountain stone, glass cover, wireless remote LED light and basil seeds.

If you do not need to upgrade the tank, you will get a comfortable living environment for your betta with this tank.