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What are the best wood shaving bedding for rat?

Wood shaving bedding is one of the most popular as long as it is designed especially for rats or other small animals. Rat love to burrow and dig down into their bedding, and wood shaving are the perfect material to support their behaviour. Unlike pine and cedar, some wood shavings are hardwoods, so they do not contain toxic phenols, so it safe for rats.

However, the drawback of wood shaving is that small bits in the low-quality products can be messy and crate a cloud of sawdust. This is why I have reviewed here the best bedding for rats, which will help your pets avoid respiratory disease.

#1 Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding

Kaytee is the reliable company in the small animal industry. This Kaytee aspen bedding is made from 100% natural material and have been treated to reduce dust significantly. There is no any kind of aromatic oil or chemical is being add into this product, so you can rest your mind that it is safe for rats.

Kaytee aspen can be used in any type of cage, whether you use wire cage or aquarium or plastic bin. It may surprise you that this bedding can be able to absorb 4 times its weight and it also does the great job at control odor.

It is totally organic and biodegradable so it is also environment friendly. Generally speaking, this bedding has no serious issues so you do not need to worry when use it. However, it is also a litter bit messy. I would like you to get the 8 cubic foot bag to minimize the smaller pieces of it.

#2 Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding, 41L

This aspen bedding from Small Pet Select is one of the best choices on the market. It is made of wood shavings from logs and had been treated with kiln-dried. There are no additives in this product. It is recyclable and compostable so you do not need to worry about its impacts on the environment. You can reuse it as compost. Not only that, this bedding also creates the safe, comfortable, soft surface in the rat cage. However, it can be litter costly.

#3 Living World Wood Aspen Shavings

If you are looking for more affordable option, then you this product will worth your money. There are not many aspen beddings out there better this one with the same price. Living World Wood Aspen Shaving is not only suitable for small animal but also highly absorbent that can absorb up to four times its weight in moisture.

It is not scent-free and also hypoallergenic so it won’t harm the respiratory system of your rats. If your rats have get respiratory problems or sensitive skin, this product is definitely worth a closer look, this product is what you should consider. However, the drawback is that it is not really good at control odors like other options.

#4 Kaytee Extreme Odour Control Pet Bedding

This is the options you should consider if you value the control odor aspect. Just like the previous option from Kaytee, this product also offers the good quality and 100% safe for rats. You can espect that this would not let you down.

You may be surprised that this bedding will control bad ordor for 14 days. Not only that it also Absorbs 6x its weight in liquid. Kaytee commit that it is 99% dust-free, that means your rats do not have to suffer through a respiratory problem. However, after a couple days of using, when the bedding gets wet, it may  look dirty and lose its aesthetic appeal.

#5 Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

This product is highly appreciated due to its capable of absorbing thrice its weight in liquid. If these previous options cannot meet your needs, this bedding maybe he right one for you. It will control the smell from urine and dropping of rats.

It ensure that your rat will stay warm and dry in the cage after a few day. It is also dust-free, which makes it last for days and keep the enclosure cleaner. It is made of reclaimed wood pulp and is biodegradable. However, it does not come with chemical-free guarantee.

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