Thursday, March 23

What I can use as DIY Hedgehog bedding?

Looking for the best bedding for hedgehogs, I found that many reviews just show the products they can find, without no disadvantages. If you are get confuse about many different bedding products for hedgehog out there, whether the material is natural or not and whether it contains additives or harmful chemicals. Then you can make best bedding for hedgehogs by your own.

To have an idea of how to hand made DIY hedgehog bedding, scroll down to follow my post. I list here some material that you can use to hand made hedgehog beddings.

#1 Newspaper Bedding

It may surprise you since newspaper is not a common material for hedgehog bedding such as pine shavings, cedar shavings, etc. But the newspaper is an excellent material. Especially if you are in the budget, it is a great money-saving solution for the bedding.

Another advantage is that you can find newspaper anywhere around your house and reuse it, this make the use of shredded paper for hedgehog bedding is a smart and efficient choice. It can be placed at the bottom of the cage that soft enough that not hurt the sensitive limbs of hedgehogs.

Although newspaper’s absorbent qualities are no really good as other high-quality materials on the market, it can still work find to absorb urine or water bottle leaks to a certain extent.

One more pro is that it is not messy, arranging it inside the cage is effortless, and It is also easy for you to change the bedding frequently to ensure the best living quality.

If you’re going to choose newspaper bedding, ensure that they’re unprinted. Bedding made of printed newspapers may contain toxic ink, which might affect your hedgehog. You also have to ensure that the newspaper shaving doesn’t have any chemical smell on it.

#2 Shredded cardboard

It seem to be not a good bedding for hedgehog as shredded cardboard is  quite tough, not comfortable enough for your pets to lie on. However, you may find this DIY material useful and handy in some cases.

Cardboard is thicker than paper, and it is clean to be used as bedding. You can use as an alternative choice when you ran out of bedding material. You should take the cardboard from some shipping boxes in your house.

You can totally rest your mind as the cardboard is not harmful as long as that the ink from which it is processed is safe for health.

#3 Fleece Bedding

Fleece hedgehog bedding is a popular material to think of when it comes to buy hedgehog bedding. One of the biggest advantage of fleece materials is that it is a high-quality and soft material, which will make a completely comfortable and safe enclosure for hedgehog.

Although it catches dust quickly, this only downside cannot tarnish the overall perfection of the fleece material.