Saturday, January 28

Best Bearded Dragon Substrate: Reptile Carpet VS. Substrate Tiles

When it comes to bearded dragon substrate, there are lots of options to choose from. Bearded dragons need the substrate that will not help them feel comfortable at home, but also keep them stay healthy and do not get any problem from them.

This post is our 2 pick of best bearded dragon substrate: reptile carpet vs Substrate tiles. That will ensure you make the best decision for your bearded dragon’s enclosure environment.


#1 Safe for bearded dragons

For all the bearded dragon keepers especially if you are a new owner, the first thing you will concern is about how safe substrate is. Luckily, if you are choosing reptile carpet or tile, they will pose absolutely no health risk for your bearded dragons.

They are considered as the best bedding for bearded dragons, no risk of ingestion of irritated can come from these substrates. They are also non-toxic and not emit any chemicals.

#2 Easy to clean

You will need to frequently sport clean the substrate daily and deep clean all the tank for at least once per week. These two best substrates bedding bearded dragons are quite easy to clean and do not present the risk of parasites. They are also do not get hygiene issues like loose particle substrates.

However, the reptile carpet is not the easiest to clean. You will need to learn how to proper clean them. You are recommended to get at least one backup carpet for each time of clean. You must place the carpet under the hose to clean then wash in a disinfectant solution. Do not use a washing machine for it.

Meanwhile, the tile substrate will take you less effort to be maintained. Tile can be regarded as the easiest and lowest maintenance substrate. Moreover, you will never have to replace the tile.

#3 Bearded dragon’s claw

There is the drawback that reptile carpet can get worn after a long time of using, and this makes the bearded dragon’s claw can get stick in the carpet. Ensure that you always keep it in good condition and replace any worn reptile carpet.

If you hate trimming your bearded dragon’s claw, then using a substrate tile can be the good ideal. Sine tile actually can help keep your bearded dragon’s claw trimmed.