Friday, October 7

What is the best automatic chicken door?

If you are a chicken owner and keep your chickens in a traditional chicken coop, then I am sure that opening the chicken coop door is your regular activity every day. Besides this work, you have to wait for them to walk out the coop into the run space and then back into the coop again.

This may get you a lot of inconveniences and interrupt your times. In this case, investing in the best automatic chicken door would be a savvy decision. This device will automatically open your coop at an exact time. It can also come with an integrated light sensor for open and close the door in the day and night.

Various manufactories provide fully different types of automatic chicken doors. Almost automatic chicken doors provide three main options of power source are batteries, electric and solar-powered:

–         As long as you have electricity, you always will be able to use the best chicken coop door opener. But there is a down point that you can only use it if your coop is near the grid. One more thing is when there is a power outage, you have to close and open the coop door in the traditional way.

–         A solar power chicken door seems to be a great idea if you want to use something environmentally friendly and when you are not accessible to the grid. But the drawback is this device can be costly and may not work effectively in cloudy weather.

–         A battery power option is highly recommended for you. Batteries can work well even when there is no electricity.

Whether you choose which option from up here, ensure that the wires are not exposed or your chicken can peck and destroy them.