Monday, June 27

What To Look For When Buying The Best Aquarium Gravel?

There are a lot of reasons that you should use gravel in your aquarium not only because it brings an attractive appearance for your tank. Gravel also serves some vital functions for your aquarium.

You will need gravel if you want to ass any plants in your tank. The layer of gravel substrate also can be a good condition for the growth of beneficial bacteria.

However, if you have no idea how to choose the <best aquarium gravel, you can entirely possible go wrong with this. These things below are some important factor you should know when choosing aquarium gravel.

How deep does the gravel need to be?

When you planning to buy gravel, you should check your tank size first. For less than 50 gallons tank, you should place in it about 2 inches of gravel. The <best aquarium gravel vacuum must match the depth of the tank in order to work best.

If you are keeping larger aquarium as 50 galloons and above, you should place 3-4 inches of gravel at the bottom of the tank. You also can use a thinner layer of gravel if you want.

But a thick layer of gravel is not encouraged. Too much gravel can make you get hard when cleaning and also create the room for build-up dirt and waste inside the tank.

The size of gravel

The bigger gravel will create a larger room between each individual of gravel. The room can be the placement for the fish waste, dead plants, and excess food fall into and build up.

You will need vacuum gravel and frequently cleaning them. Smaller gravel is also a better condition for the growth of the plant.

The colour

The colours of gravel generally depend on your personal preference. However, you should choose the colour that suitable with the colour of the fish you have. For the colourful species of fish, it is better to use the darker colour of gravel.

You also should consider your fish’s behaviours. There are some fish tents to be frightened with the lighter colours of the substrate.