Thursday, June 8


Arriving in the late after dinner sun in Philadelphia’s Chinatown was straight out of a scene of “Big Trouble in Little China.” Even the windows steamy  and filled with spices, and pictures of Chinese demigods were entrancing. Between Vine to Arch Street between 9th to 12th street is where Asian fusion begins. It wasn’t just me exploring-the kids came along too. The windows with the dead Peking ducks was a surefire stop and the kids stood there mesmerized. No heads were chopped off, so we continued our walk about a block past the entrance gates to a place called Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodles.   


So my advice get some noodles, crafted from a 160 year old recipe. They have other things on the menu too- Thai peanut noodles only $6.00 a bowl. Plus, if you are particularly adventurous you can try out the Jellied Jellyfish and spicy sauce- it was pretty awesome.

Then wander, seriously my kids wandered with me-because travel should be a family thing–if you have a family. We wandered to this place called Vivi Bubble tea-and it was super cute inside. They were pink, and green with cute emoji like characters. The tea was an experience. Not ever sipping it before, with large round balls of tapioca-it was  not pleasurable. The kids choked,but we had an experience. Others around us love it and every article online about it says that it is tasty. It must be a texture thing.

VISIT CHINATOWN IN PHILADELPHIA was so nice-they supplied YOURS TRULY with an awesome press trip! We explored as much as we could-more to come on Philly. So wander the streets, and check out the vistas because Chinatown in Philly is definitely cool!