Thursday, June 8

What Is Multi Level Guinea Pig Cage?

Choosing the right cage for guinea pigs is absolutely one of the most important factors that keep your guinea pigs stay happy and healthy.  There are many different types of cages out there, and of them is multi level guinea pig cage.

Whether you are a new owner of guinea pigs or you are those who want to upgrade your guinea pig to a better cage with more additional features. This multi level cage may meet your needs and better suited for your pets.

 What is multi level cage for guinea pig?

Some guinea pigs cages are multi level, it is from 2 to 5 levels that are connected by wide ramps. If you are keeping excitable of guinea pig or you want to keep more guinea pigs but limited in space, multi level cage might be the ideal cage for your home. This also allows your pets can observe from a high vantage point.

The multi level cage also has the extra tall ceilings, which make more open space and add space enough for even the largest of guinea pigs.

Your guinea pigs will have more room for both play and living space without taking up more floor space. This type of cage particularly suitable for the guinea pigs that enjoy climbing on multi level platforms.

The drawback of multi level cage for guinea pig

Not every guinea pig will prefer to climb on multi level. Some of them are less agile than others. So it is a risk that your guinea pigs fall from a level that is too high and get hurt.

Make sure that your pets would like to climb and choosing the multi level cage that contains the curved safety ramp.

There are also some guinea pigs that scare of heights; you should not choose the cage with much of level for them.