Saturday, January 28

Basic Things You Should About Food For Geckos

Perhaps one of the most important things when keeping geckos is their food and diet. Incorrect food and diet can cause some health problems for your crested geckos.

What food for geckos should be fed and how often? This post will give you some basic information about food for geckos that ensure your pet will live a long happy life.

Commercial food in captivity

In captivity, the crested gecko can live healthily by only eating commercial food. This is the premix powder that provides enough nutrients that their bodies require and a healthy base for their diet.

Powder will be blended with water for crested geckos eat. With commercial, crested geckos do not need any live food, but you can also feed them as treat foods.

Live insects for crested geckos

In the natural, crested geckos mainly eat insects, so it is the good food that you can feed them a treat. Some examples of insects for geckos are butter worms, cutworms, locusts and crickets. Do not feed them any insects that bigger than the gap between their eyes.

Baby foods

Not only commercial foods and live foods can be the food for crested geckos. In the wild, geckos also prefer to eat fruits and nectar. So in the enclosure, your geckos should be fed sweet taste baby food and fruity flavors. Sweet baby foods such as peach, banana, apricot, pear can be mix with their diet and offered as a treat.

Noticeable things when feeding crested geckos

Crested geckos require fresh, clean water that does not contain chlorine all the time.

Feeding crested geckos commercial food once a day at night, and remove excess food in the morning.

Also feeding insects at night but not frequency. They should be allowed to eat live insects only 2-3 times per week and do not forget to remove excess insects the next morning.

Covering insects with a calcium supplement before you allow your geckos to eat them, adding in some vitamin supplements once or twice per week.

Note: Using the best reptile humidifiers to create an ideal crested geckos moisture will make them more palatable.