Thursday, June 8

What to avoid when using UVB bulbs in Iguanas cage?

Once you get the best UVB light for Iguanas, you also have to know how to properly use it. Regardless of the UVB bulb type you choose to use with your pet Iguanas, there are some mistake you did that can block or reduce the amount of UVB rays.

These following are several things to keep in mind and avoid when using UVB bulbs for Iguanas if you want your pet can receive maximum benefit from your purchase.

#1 Mounting UVB bulb further away from the cage

As you increase the distance between your pet and the UVB bulb, UVB radiation dissipates rapidly. You will have to ensure our iguana is able to get close enough to the UVB lighting for it to be effective. Most UVB bulbs will recommend in the labels with the minimum distance from the bulb.

As the basic rule, Mercury vapor bulbs, should be 12-18″ away, 8-12″ inches is minimum distance for linear or compact fluorescent lighting. Make sure to consult the specific manufacturer’s recommendations before choosing the types of UVB bulbs and also carefully consider the the distance between the bulb and your pet.

#2 Block UVB rays by Glass or acrylic cage wall

If you are using a glass top on your terrarium or vivarium, and place your Iguanas tank next to the window then you cannot expect your animal to receive any UV benefit because UVB rays cannot pass through glass, and if they do, it cuts down on the output significantly.

UVB rays also cannot pass through plastic and acrylic. Make sure that there is no any glass or acrylic/plexiglass between your UVB bulb and your pet.

In the case if you want to setup a lid for your Iguanas cage, it is better to looking for the larger sized mesh available as screens and mesh can also block a part of UVB rays as well.

#3 Using UVB bulbs for a long time

Even you get the best UVB blubs, they all lose their effective over time. Even when the visible light output can remain the same, it not means that UVB bulbs do not degrades. UVB production will begin to drop off as soon as the bulb is first turned on.

Once you use your bulb or a certain length of time, you have to replace your bulb if you do not want your Iguanas received nothing but visible light.

Linear Fluorescent bulb and compact Fluorescent bulb should be replace after every 6 months, while Mercury Vapor Bulb can last for up to 10-12 months