Thursday, June 8

Best protein skimmers: Coralife Supper skimmer VS. Reef Octopus Classic

Your saltwater aquarium will not complete without a protein skimmer. The protein skimmer is the filtration equipment used for removes protein and other organic compounds.

The protein skimmer will keep the water clarity, increase dissolved oxygen inside the tank, and prevent the growth of algae. Due to these reasons, the protein skimmer is indispensable in a saltwater aquarium.

So what features do the best protein skimmer? In this post, we will get to look at two of the top protein skimmer: Coralife Supper skimmer VS. Reef Octopus Classic.

#1 Skimmer capacity

Each skimmer will be produced for the different aquarium size. Check if the skimmer can handle your tank or not before buying.

Coralife Super Skimmer comes with 3 sizes are available for 65, 125 and 220 gallons aquariums. You can choose the model that suitable for your tank size. Reef Octopus is have been known for delivering impressive filtration for the tank up to 265 gallons.

However, you are recommended to use the skimmer that has a higher capacity than the tank. That will ensure that the skimmer will finish its job in less time without strains.

#2 Skimmer Sizes

It is especially important if you do not have many planks place inside and outside your tank. You should keep in mind the size of the skimmer and how it would be mounted. It is should large enough for the filtration process but still compact enough not to take up lots of space.

Reef Octopus Classic has a small size at 12,4 x 10 inches and high at 23,2 inches tall when full setup. This is the small device that can fit in the sump and do not cut your view and work for most saltwater tanks with strong power.

Coralife supper dimensions are 4,2 x 2,5 x 20,8 inches much smaller than Reef Octopus. Moreover, it also offers two options of install, it can hang on the aquarium or used in a sump.

#3 Features

Corali supper skimmer includes the patented wheel pump with a venture, which mixes the air bubbles into the water in order to remove waste in the water.

It also allows the user can adjust the water height and foam production by the turn spinner. The bubble diffuser takes responsible for prevents micro-bubbles go into the aquarium.

Reef Octopus has a pinwheel pump system, which is to produce air bubbles within the skimmer. With this ultra-efficient pump, Reef Octopus skimmer can draw water at rates of 211 GPH.