Thursday, June 8

How to feed best live food for crested geckos?

The incorrect diet will cause the risk of health problems for crested gecko. In the enclosure, we all know that crested geckos can live by eating only premix powder food (or commercial food). It is enough for them to live long happy lives.

But crested geckos also prefer to eat insects, which they usually eat in their natural habitat. These insects can provide them the mental, visual and physical enrichment that not any commercial food can bring. This article will give you some basic information to start providing the best live food for crested gecko.

Crested geckos diet in the wild

In natural, like the other reptile and amphibian dietary, crested gecko do eat a lot of insects. According to the study, 21,6% of their diet is crickets and locusts.

However, fruit and nectar were also consumed a lot by them with 10,3% is nectars and followed by 7,52% of fruits.

How to prepare crested gecko live food diet

Remember that live-food diets are not recommended diets. Due to this, crested geckos should be fed just once or twice time a week. The number of insects can be started with 3-4 and fluctuating depends on the types of insects that you fed them and how many crested geckos will be fed.

These insects should be fed at least 24 hours before become crested gecko’s food. And then, dusting these insects with calcium or calcium plus D3, it will be better if the powder totally coated them.

Using the best reptile heating pad in combination with the best UVB bulb will improve the health of crested geckos, thus making them more palatable.

What types of live food can crested geckos eat?

The insects we suggest: locust, snails, black and brown crickets, lobster, roaches, etc. And some kind of worms are silkworms, butter worms, calcium worms, wax worms, etc.

Besides, to avoid choking hazards, do not feed your crested gecko the live food that bigger than the gap between your gecko’s eyes.