Thursday, June 8

How to set up the best hedgehog cage?

In order to set up the comfortable home for your hedgehog, you will need the best hedgehog cage and the detail instructions to assemble. Besides, the cage setup come with all the equipment for hedgehog needs and you have to set things together.

Set up the perfect enclosure habitat is not the simple task since you also need to know about hedgehog ideal temperature and light. In this guide, I will touch on all the basic things you need to know about set up hedgehog enclosure.

#1 How big should the best hedgehog cage be?

Although hedgehogs are quite small but they are active and they require a roomy cage for a happy and healthy life. The general rule of thumb is to go as big as possible. Their cage should be at least 5 feet long and 2 feet wide.

You also can use guinea pig cage for hedgehog as an alternative. Because a hedgehog that is 6 ounces – 2 pounds weigh will require the same amount of space as a guinea pig.

#2 What to put in hedgehog cage?

Proper habitats for hedgehog not only ensures that they are safe, feel secure but also be entertained. Instead of the cage, you have to think about interior and the equipment and accessories you are going to put in. Below is a list of items that your hedgehog will need:


Hedgehog food bowl

Hide area

A wheel


Water bowl

A litter box

#3 What temperature do hedgehogs need?

Apart from the cage, your pets will need a comfortable environment, which is at 73-80 degrees F temperature (21-25 degrees C) with good ventilation. Ensure that the temperature should never drop below 18 degrees C or above 28 degrees C.

To set up a temperature for your hedgehog, you will need a thermostat, which will helps control the temperature inside the cage. Besides, you also need the heat source, and the ideal heat source for hedgehog is ceramic heat emitter or a heat mat.

#4 Do hedgehogs need lighting?

Yes, hedgehogs also need light but there is nothing complicated to meet their lighting need. You just need to ensure that the cage will be received natural daylight. Your hedgehogs should have about 12 hours exposed light during the day.