Thursday, June 8

The requirements for the Best heat lamp for leopard gecko

If you are keeping leopard geckos due to their characteristic, easy-going, adorable colors and pattern. You also should need to be prepared their enclosure inhabitant.

You need to mimic what they have in the natural environment in their tank. There are some important things you will need and the best heat lamp for leopard gecko is one of those essential requirements. 

In order to install the heat lamps for a leopard gecko, you should consider these things below.

The same as what we did in natural, reptiles prefer to bask on an area where has an amount of heat such as the rock, under the sun. They will spend a lot of time in this area. This is the reason why you need to set up a lamp heat or the best heat mat for leopard gecko in your pet’s tank. Your pet will have a chance to receive heat whatever they want. 

If you do not have any place for your leopard gecko to lay and bask, you should add some accessories such as a stone or a platform in your tank under the heat lamp.

The best way to install your heat lamp is to place it at one end of the enclosure; where it is the opposite side of the humid area and far away from the shade and the cooler part of the tank. This is to set up a temperature gradient on your tank.

The ideal temperature for the basking area is about 95-98 F degrees (35-17 C degrees). It also can be higher or lower depending on your pet preference.

Using a thermometer to ensure the basking area is not too hot, and the cooler area does not go down under 68 F degrees (20 C degrees).

The height of the heat lamp also a factor that you should pay attention to. If you place too low, the heat lamp can burn your leopard gecko. If it is too high and far from your pet, it perhaps has no effect and the leopard gecko won’t be received enough heat. The ideal height maybe about 10-12 inches from the substrate.