Saturday, January 28

Best Hang On Back Protein Skimmer: Aqua Euro VS. Eshopps PSK

The protein skimmer plays a vital role in the overall health of the aquarium and the water condition. Protein skimmer can keep the water clean, reduce nitrates, phosphates, algae, and circulate water.

If you want a skimmer that does not mess with the aesthetic of your aquarium, then hang on back protein skimmer can be the ideal option for you.

To help you get the right skimmer, this post will compare two of the best hang on back protein skimmer: Aqua Euro Hang on Protein Skimmer VS. Eshopps PSK-75h Hang On skimmer.

#1 Capacity

The capacity of a HOB protein skimmer will determine how big of an aquarium that it can handle for. This is also the most important factor that you should check first if you want the HOB protein skimmer to work as expected.

Eshopps is a small-sized HOB skimmer designed for an aquarium up to 75 gallons. Aqua Euro is the protein skimmer with a larger capacity that can handle up to 200 gallons of water. It seems to be overkill for small home aquariums.

Choosing the HOB protein skimmer that is designed to work with your tank size to ensure the best result.

#2 Small enough to fit with your space

One more important aspect when it comes to the best protein skimmers is the size of the devices. If you get the HOB protein skimmer that is too big for your space, there is a big chance that you will have to find the other place to move your aquarium.

Both Eshopps and Aqua Euro skimmers are designed with only 3 in diameter. That means they require only 3 inches and a half-inch between the tank and the wall.

Aqua Euro measures 3W x 8L x 18H inch, these dimensions are relatively small in comparison with its capacity. The footprint of the Eshoos is just 7 x 6 inches. With this small size, you can easily install is even if you do not have much room for maneuverability.

Before buying the protein skimmer, measuring the space that you plan to reserve in your aquarium for this device and make sure that the skimmer that you choose will not larger than this room.

#3 Features

It is obvious that the main job of the HOB protein skimmer is for removing all the harmful organic materials in your aquarium. Eshopps skimmer comes with a high-quality Sicce water pump, which is located under the unit outside the tank.

Due to this design, the heat won’t be transfer to the water and increase the water temperature. It also includes the collection cup with a respectable size and be able to remove for easy to clean.

Aqua Euro Skimmer includes bubble plate diffuser increases efficiency. It is also offers a high-quality needle wheel pump. The only drawback of this HOB protein skimmer is that there is might a slight bit of noise for the first few days of using, But this noise will subside eventually.