Thursday, June 8

What Is The Best Type Of Egg Incubator?

Whether you are an owner of a poultry farm or you are keeping only a few chickens and you want to hatch your eggs, egg incubator is a machine that you should get to creates the perfect environment for incubate eggs and help you hatch the eggs successfully without the hens.

The incubators can hatch more eggs and also have a higher success rate than the hen. This post is going to describe three common types of egg incubator will help you find the best egg incubator.

#1 Still air incubator

This is the basic type of incubator. It is cheap, easy to use and meet the most basic of user need. If you are the beginner or if you limit in the budget, this is the best automatic egg incubator.

However, the cheap price device will come with fewer functions, therefore you will have more work to do. You have to check the temperature and humidity for many times per day to ensure they are always at the acceptable ranger.

You also need to turn eggs at least 3 times per day. If you are using still air incubators, you are recommended to use external turning devices.

The heating element will warm up the air. The warmed air will not circulate throughout the box. Due to this, it can create warmer areas in the box and also cooler areas and make a bad effect on the hatching process.

#2 Circulated air incubator (forces air incubator)

This type of incubator is an improvement over a still air incubator. This is the most common type of incubator machine. It is using the fan to blow and circulate the warmed air throughout the box.

Due to this, the heat is distributed evenly inside the box and the temperature will be the same in any area in the incubator.

Circulated air incubator also comes with a wide range of temperature that allows you to regulate the temperature depending on a different period.

#3 Automatic incubator

It can be considered as the best incubator and also most modern type of incubator machine. It will come with some extra functions that very useful in the hatching process such as temperature and humidity alarm.

You can get the small and easy-to-use versions or bigger and more complex versions of automatic incubators depend on your needs.

This type of incubator is more costly. However, it will maintain the temperature and humidity much constantly than the other models.