Thursday, June 8

Best chicken incubator: Farm Innovators Model 4200 vs Yosoo 10 chicken eggs mini incubator

The best chicken incubator is the artificial method, which provides the proper condition necessary for producing chicks from eggs. The incubator will mimic the environment as though the mother hen is sitting on eggs, and help you to increase the success of hatching rate.

In order to help you narrow down your choices, this post is going for details of two reliable eggs incubators: Farm Innovators Model 4200 circulated air vs Yosoo 10 chicken eggs mini incubatore

#1 Incubator size

Depending on your purpose and preference to decide the size of the incubator you need to buy. The larger incubator will hold for more eggs, but a smaller incubator is an economic choice, compact and easy to move if needed.

You really need to know about beginners guide hatching chicken eggs before choosing an incubator. It will help you choose the most suitable one.

Yosoo incubators can only hatch up to 10 chicken eggs at once. If you want to hatch more eggs, you will need to wait for the next time. This device is ideal for home use, classrooms, and beginners who’ve just get the start at keeping chicken.

Farm Innovators model 4200 is an ideal incubator for those who want to incubate a lot of eggs at once. This incubator can hold up to 41 eggs at a time, an impressive number.

#2 Viewing window

A large viewing window is not very necessary but will convenient if you want to monitor and see your eggs in the incubation process without opening the incubator.

Yosoo incubator comes with a clear window surrounding, you can be able to see your eggs without interrupting.

Farm Innovators Model 4200 also built-in two windows that are measure 9-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches allow you to observe the eggs. But these windows are quite small and make a bit difficult to see the middle row of eggs through the view windows.

#3 Egg Turner

There is some incubator comes with an automatic egg turner while others do not. But whether the type of incubator you decide to choose, turning eggs must happen at least 2-4 times per day.

Farm Innovators Model 4200 features an automatic egg turner, which will turn the eggs at proper intervals automatically every four hours.  So that you don’t have to guess how often the eggs need to be turned.

The drawback of Yoosoo is that it does not come with automatic egg turner, You will need to learn about how to manual turn your eggs.