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Things you need to know about Bearded Dragon feeding guide

Understanding how to feed your bearded dragon in the right way, you will go your half to become a good owner. There are a lot of things to learn, from finding out what kind of veggies and insects you should to feed them, to what is the best bearded dragon feeding schedule and what vitamin and supplements that they need…

Bearded dragon feeding is never an easy task, especially for the beginner. This bearded dragon feeding guide below will help you to figure out the best things to your bearded dragon.

How often do you need to feed baby bearded dragons?

A baby bearded dragon will need to provide much more nutrients than an adult one. Due to that, they also need to eat multiple times a day. Under 3 months babies must be fed 5 times a day and eat as much as them possible. This schedule will be reduced by their age.

3-6 months babies request to fed 3-4 times a day while 6 months old babies should be fed 3 times a day. The babies can be fed to eat as much as they want during their meal (about 5-10 minutes).

How often do you need to feed baby bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons may be said to be an adult when they 12-18 months old. They need to be fed just once time a day. If you feed them to eat more, it may because of obesity.

In this point of life, their diet should contain only 20% protein and all the rest of the portion is veggies or fresh salad. An adult is recommended to eat around 10-20 crickets per day. And 7-10 worm per day, because worms are so rich in protein.

Note: Never put any food on the substrate to feed your pet, even the best substrates bedding bearded dragons is not a good place to feed them.

Vegetables a bearded dragon can eat

Kate, mustard greens, carrots, cucumber, pumpkin, bell peppers, endive, turnip greens, butternut squash are some common vegetables that bearded dragon can eat.